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Adding the Zoom Outlook Add-in to your O365 Account

Get the Zoom Outlook Add-in

  1. Launch the Outlook desktop application.
  2. From the ribbon at the top, select Get Add-ins.
  3. Use the search box to locate Zoom for Outlook.
  4. Select Add.

Signing into the Zoom Outlook Add-in

You will be prompted to sign in the first time you attempt to add a Zoom meeting link to a calendar appointment.

  1. Select Sign in with SSO.
  2. Enter drexel into the Domain field.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Sign in to Drexel Connect using your Drexel credentials.

Configuring the Zoom Outlook Add-in Per-Meeting

  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Select the Calendar tile from the bottom left menu.
  3. Create a new appointment or open the appointment you wish to edit.
  4. Select Settings from the Zoom section of the top ribbon.
  5. Configure the settings as desired and select Update.
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