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Approving peer leader profiles

These steps are intended for approving in review profiles. If not already done a list of the peer leaders for this year must be sent to the web services department so we can mark the students as such

  • Admin receives a notification every time a profile is ready for review
  • You can then edit the profile from the email
  • When logged into the website see the number of profiles needing review at the top (see screenshot #1)
    • Click the Peer Leaders link next to the number
    • Click “Edit Peer Leader Profile” (See screenshot #2)
  • Upload headshot by clicking “Choose File” and then upload
  • Review all information for correctness
  • Set Academic Year to current academic year
  • Click the “Workflow” tab at the bottom and change it to “Approved” when ready
  • Click Save
Peer leaders in review
Peerleaders in review listing