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How to Install Wolfram Mathematica

Mathematica is a symbolic mathematical computation program, sometimes called a computer algebra program, used in many scientific, engineering, mathematical, and computing fields.

Before you Begin

Access to Wolfram Mathematica requires a Wolfram ID. If you already have a Wolfram ID, you can skip this section. If not, you can create a free account using the directions below.

  1. Browse to
  2. Select Don’t have a Wolfram ID? Create One.
  3. Complete the form using your official email.
  4. Select Create Wolfram ID.
  5. Once you receive your Wolfram account creation confirmation email, browse to the link within the message to validate your Wolfram ID.

## Download the Mathematica Installer
  1. Browse to
  2. Sign on using your Wolfram ID.
  3. Complete the Wolfram Activation Key Request Form.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Select Product Summary page to access your license.
  6. Select Get Downloads.
  7. Select Download next to the operating system installed on your computer.

## Install Mathematica
  1. Browse to the location where the Mathematica installer was downloaded.
  2. Launch the installer on and follow the on-screen instructions entering your Activation Key when prompted.

## Recover Your Activation Key
  1. Browse to
  2. Sign on using your Wolfram ID.
  3. From this page, you can view your Activation Keys as well as download the software again.

## Faculty Home-Use License

To acquire a license for use on a non-Drexel owned machine, complete the form at

Have Questions?

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