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LeBow Events Calendar Submission Guidelines

To ensure quality and consistency, events submitted to the Drexel LeBow calendar undergo both a technical review by the Web Services team and an editorial review by the Marketing and Communications team.

During the technical review, the following items are reviewed:

  • Event settings
  • Mandatory fields
  • Event-type specific fields
  • Appropriate vocabulary tagging

During the editorial review, the following items are reviewed:

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Links
  • Alignment with Drexel’s Editorial Style Guide
  • Alignment with Drexel/LeBow brand

Please allow up to five business days for your event(s) to be reviewed and published. If you are publishing multiple versions/dates of the same event, please submit your first event and wait until it has been approved before cloning additional events.

Event submissions should include:

  • Mandatory fields (date, time, audience, etc.)
  • Event description, including important details, speaker bios and key takeaways. Be sure to also include details that demonstrate the value of attending your event.
  • Online registration/event link (if online)

Considerations for Event Promotion

To allow enough time for promotion of your event and potential inclusion in emails or social media posts, please submit your event at least three weeks before the start date.

Please keep in mind that there is a high volume of event submissions during the beginning of each term. If you plan on hosting or submitting an event during this time, please submit your event as early as possible.

LeBow Enrollment Management Events

Are you working on an event for enrollment management purposes? Please follow the Slate Event Submission guidelines.

Drexel University Events Calendar

For additional event exposure, submit your event(s) to the University Events Calendar. The University Events Calendar is separate from the LeBow Events Calendar. If you would like to submit an event to the University Events Calendar, you must use the University Events Calendar form and follow their guidelines.

All events published in DrexelNow emails are aggregated from the University Events Calendar and therefore must be posted at To request an event to be a “featured” event on the calendar’s home page, choose “Main Feature” or “Featured” when choosing the categories for the event. If your department is unable to submit an event directly, reach out to for assistance.

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