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Poll Everywhere


Poll Everywhere (also known as Poll Anywhere) is an audience polling system that has both free and paid accounts. Free Educational accounts are limited to 40 respondents per question, but you can reset the question and use it again with a new section of up to 40 students. You can also use it with slightly larger classes, but only the first 40 responses will be counted.

Poll Everywhere is a polling solution for “live” events like classes or orientations. With Poll Everywhere, presenters and faculty can create poll questions in advance and even embed them directly into their slide presentation. Audience members are then presented with the question and the available ways to respond with their selection: via SMS text message, via a laptop, or via a smart phone. Results are tracked instantly as they come in. Poll Everywhere can be use to check student comprehension, survey participant opinion, or collect open-ended responses.

How It Works

Log into your account at and create poll questions. Questions can be organized into sets or groups. There are three main types of poll questions: open questions where responses can be free text (ex: fill in the blank or short answer), multiple choice questions, and ranking questions. With open ended polls, students can type anything like the numeric answer to a problem or a word or phrase. With multiple choice polls, you provide the possible responses and each student submits the one they choose.

See Results with PowerPoint

Once you create your poll questions, Poll Everwhere will allow you to download a PowerPoint slideshow containing “live” visualizations of your poll responses. You can project those slides in the classroom and then show students the class’s responses while students are voting. Or you can simply have the Poll Everywhere website open to achieve this functionality without having to configure the software plug-in for PowerPoint.

Large Classes

While the free educational accounts with Poll Everywhere are limited to 40 max participants, LeBow College of Business has additional licensing for any full-time faculty and staff members which allows for larger class sizes. Contact the Instructional Technology Team for more information.

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