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Students: Accessing Rubric Scores and Feedback in Blackboard

For certain course assignments, your instructor may use a Blackboard-based rubric during grading. To view your rubric scores and feedback, follow the instructions below.


  1. Navigate to the My Grades area of your course

  2. Find the graded assignment from the list that appears, then select View Rubric to access the assignment rubric:

    View rubric
  3. Your instructor may have also included additional comments on your submission itself. You can view your submitted document, along with these comments and a copy of the rubric, by clicking on the assignment name:

    View assignment submission and feedback
    • a. Feedback from your instructor may be included as comments embedded in your submitted document or as a note written in the “Feedback to Learner” field to the right of your submission
    • b. An icon linking to a copy of the rubric will appear directly to the left of your score:
    Submitted assignment with a comment, sample feedback, and a rubric icon

If you have any questions about accessing feedback and grades in Blackboard, please contact your course instructor. For technical support, please contact the LeBow Instructional Tech team at

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