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For many courses that require a group project or presentation, peer evaluations are a key consideration during the grading process. When students have the chance to give candid feedback about team dynamics and peer performance, instructors gain a more nuanced understanding of each team member’s contribution. However, coordinating a peer evaluation process can be tedious, and capturing meaningful feedback can prove difficult.

TEAMMATES is a free, online feedback platform that simplifies the process of peer evaluation. With TEAMMATES, instructors can create and share peer evaluation questions, and then easily record and review student responses. TEAMMATES offers a variety of feedback paths, allowing students to evaluate other teams, their own teammates, or themselves. Instructors can also choose from a range of visibility controls, which determine whether the responses for each evaluation question will be visible to students, made anonymous, or hidden from student view.

Cartoon depicting TEAMMATES workflow

How it works

Once evaluation questions have been added into the system, TEAMMATES will email a personalized evaluation link to each student on a designated date. When students click on their link, they will be taken directly to an online form—no account required—where they can submit their responses. Once student responses have been gathered, instructors can review and publish the results of the peer evaluation.

To learn more, or to add a TEAMMATES evaluation to your course, contact the LeBow Instructional Tech Services team.

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