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Dr. Wendy Doe, University of Maryland

Dr. Wendy Doe, University of Maryland

Gerri C. LeBow Hall
3220 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
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TOPIC: Social Media Brand Tracking: Measuring Brand Favorability using Large Scale Social Media Data

We contribute to the social media listening research and propose a brand favorability measure, based on large-scale social media data, that can be used for benchmarking against other brands. We account for directional biases exhibited by social media posters (i.e., some posters are generally more positive while others are generally more negative), consider how this bias affects social media metrics of sentiment, and develop a method designed for large scale social media data that provides an adjusted brand favorability measure that is correlated with traditional survey-based measures used by brands. We collect and examine Facebook data for more than 3000 brands and 170 million unique users. We find that for many brands, average sentiment metrics deviate from the brand’s underlying favorability. We explore these deviations and examine how observable factors related to the brand community, brand traits, and brand activity can affect the reliability of average sentiment as a brand favorability measure, allowing brand managers to identify situations where their social media sentiment metrics are likely to deviate from and misstate underlying consumer opinions. We find that smaller brand communities with limited opinion variance are associated with average sentiment metrics that overstate brand favorability.

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This event is part of the Marketing Seminar Series series.