Master's in Sport Business

Master's in Sport Business Career Advancement and Job Placement

An MS in Sport Business graduate will be ready for a wide range of sport-related professions. The Master’s of Science in Sport Business curriculum, prepares students for advanced positions in a variety of roles including athletics administration, community relations, coaching, finance, fundraising, media relations, marketing, operations, player development, and sales.

The Master’s of Science in Sport Business program, delivered online, features the flexibility of asynchronous online curriculum delivery, offered by Drexel for more than 10 years.

Whether you’re interested in a career change or a looking to advance your current career, this degree can be the catalyst for the career roles you could be seeking. Discover more about career opportunities with a Master’s in Sports Business and request more information from our Admissions Department.

What Can I Do With a Master’s in Sport Business?

The field of sport management is extremely diverse and offers opportunities in a variety of industries. Career opportunities in sport management are around every corner, and identifying new talent has become a priority for companies in nearly every industry. Some top industries with expanding opportunities for MS in Sport Business graduates include:

  • Broadcasting
  • Business
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing and Event Management
  • Media
  • Professional Sports
  • Recreational Sports

Jobs You Can Get With a Master’s in Sport Business

The variety of positions in the field of sport management are evident through the vast majority of job titles that graduate sport management students have landed. For a better idea of career opportunities for sport management students please see the list below.

Example career titles in sport management:

  • Athletic Director - work with other administrators to develop athletic programs for schools, usually for middle school students or older.
  • Sports Agent/Advisor - work on behalf of teams and athletes to promote opportunities for collaboration and employment.
  • Sports Marketing and Promotions Manager - implement, plan and research marketing strategies by working directly for a team or advertising agency.
  • Salary Cap Analyst - examine and assess earning potential and best practices for athletes, teams, and professional staff.

Additional areas of employment include:

  • Arena/Stadium Management
  • Sport Management
  • Sports Media

  • Intercollegiate Athletic Administrator

What Skills Can I Acquire With an MS in Sport Business?

Once you’ve completed the MS in Sport Business program, there are many professional paths to explore. The skills you have developed will not only fill your resume to make you more marketable, but also greatly improve the impact you are able to make on the job and in your company.

Some skills developed in the Drexel LeBow MS in Sport Business program include:

  • Plan and direct athletic events & activities
  • Organize various components of event management
  • Managing ticket sales and box office operations
  • Oversight of game-day operations
  • Sponsorships, advertisements, corporate hospitality management
  • Media relations & communications
  • Merchandising

Job Titles & Average Salary

Positions graduates can pursue with a master’s degree in Sport Business include:

  • Athletic Director, Average Salary: $60,384
  • Sports Agent/Advisor, Average Salary: $51,232
  • Sports Marketing and Promotions Manager, Average Salary: $50,974

Launch Your Career in Sport Business With Drexel LeBow

The Master’s of Science in Sport Business is designed to help you become a leader in the field. Whether you’re looking to progress in your career or find new career opportunities, this degree can be customized to your specific career goals. To learn more about this degree or to schedule a one-on-one, request more information. Ready to apply? Complete your application here.