Undergraduate Programs

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Academic Discovery

At Lebow we understand the difficulties that come along with transition from high school to college. The structure of our first year experiences and curriculum give students the support needed to make transitioning as smooth as possible. These unique LeBow and Drexel courses help students to be truly prepared for real-world business environments and give insights on the direction they would like to go in business.

Business 101 and 102

Business 101 and 102 lay the ground work for students to excel in future business courses at LeBow.

These courses provide exposure to all disciplines and areas of study we have to offer at LeBow. Students will use this to help choose a major best suited for them. Throughout both Business 101 and 102 students build values, such as teamwork and communication, to be applied in future co-op opportunities as well as in their lifelong careers.

Economics 201 and 202

Economics is an invaluable conceptual framework for understanding a vast array of behaviors and thinking about issues which society must address. LeBow exposes students to these concepts at the onset of your college career.

The courses are an introduction to microeconomics and macroeconomics. Whether this influences a decision on becoming an economist or this is the only economics course that you will ever take, your fundamental goal will be to become comfortable applying conceptual framework about economics in the world around you. Students also examine aggregate economic activity. You will grow knowledge in national and international economics, money and banking, and economic policy. These introductory courses proved context for becoming better informed citizens and the part your business career will play in it.

University 101

This course is a first term, university-wide course designed to provide freshman with the structure, support and guidance for a successful transition to life here at Drexel.

Students will learn about a variety of topics ranging from academic integrity, to alcohol awareness and how to self-register for classes each term. While learning about important on-campus activities, students will also be encouraged to seek lessons from our extended campus, the city of Philadelphia. From attending events planned by Campus Philly to visiting the art museum, freshman get first hand experiences of all Philadelphia has to offer.