David Reifschneider

Retired Assistant Director of Engineering Management
Drexel University
David Reifschneider Headshot

Mr. Reifschneider has broad experience in marketing, sales, and product management and served over 30 years in a variety of roles with the DuPont Company. He has a strong engineering background, along with the ability to manage customer and supplier interfaces, lead cross-functional teams of sales, development, sourcing, and technical personnel in new business development and product line revitalization. Most recently, he has experience in academic leadership and program development. He took an early retirement from DuPont in 2004 and joined Drexel University several years later.

Throughout his employment with the DuPont Company, Mr. Reifschneider served in many business management and development roles, both domestic and international, direct sales and technical support, as well as engineering design and construction. He served on numerous industry committees supporting various markets and products within the company.

His accomplishments are founded on solid education and professional development. He enjoys facilitating and leading discussion and focus groups and providing career mentoring, and is viewed as a source of creative ideas, learning and adapting quickly to business challenges, utilizing highly developed interpersonal competencies.

Mr. Reifschneider recently retired as Assistant Director of the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Programs at Drexel University. This second career in academic leadership began as an adjunct professor and he was promptly appointed Assistant Director of the program. During a transitional period, he was also the Interim Director of the program. He has brought an industry and business focus to the university environment in managing the master’s degree program and developing a new Systems Engineering program.