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Jean Anne Booth



A serial entrepreneur, Jean Anne Booth has 30 years of experience in high technology. Now on her fourth startup, UnaliWear’s Kanega watch has been named by focus groups to be a “wearable OnStar for People” because it provides discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and a guard against wandering in a classically-styled watch that features an easy speech interface rather than buttons.

Jean Anne was previously the founder of Luminary Micro, the creators of the Stellaris® microcontroller (MCU) platform and the first to market with ARM® Cortex™-M3-based microcontroller solutions. Luminary Micro was acquired by Texas Instruments in May 2009. Jean Anne retired from TI in 2012 after serving as the General Manager for TI’s Stellaris family of products.

Jean Anne was also a founder at Intrinsity, which was sold to Apple in April 2010. Her first startup experience was at Exponential Technology, the creators of a 533 MHz BiCMOS PowerPC microprocessor. Early in her career, Jean Anne worked with AMD’s embedded microprocessor products for 10 years in a number of management, marketing and engineering roles.

Jean Anne holds a BSEE from the University of Texas and an MSCE degree from National Technical University.