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Nona Lee

Truth DEI Founder, DEI Advocate, Speaker, Attorney, Athlete, Board Member

Truth DEI

Headshot of Nona Lee

Nona Lee grew up loving sports. She medaled in the Junior Olympics for swimming and later played basketball at Pepperdine University where she got a bachelor’s in broadcasting. After, she received her Juris Doctor, graduated Summa Cum Laude, and was awarded “Graduate of the Year.” She also has certifications in Leadership for Corporate Counsel from Harvard University, as well as DEI certification from Cornell University.

Combining her practice as an attorney with her passion for sports, she became the first-ever Associate General Counsel for the Phoenex Suns professional basketball team and later founded the Phoenix Women’s Sports Assoc. as a platform for helping girls and women find their power through sports.

Later, Lee went on to become the first VP and General Counsel for the Arizona Diamondbacks. At the time, she was one of only three women to hold this position with a Major League Baseball club. At the time she left the D-backs in 2022, she was the only openly gay and only black woman to hold an Exec VP position in all 30 Major League Baseball clubs.

Lee encountered countless acts of racism and discrimination while growing up in LA, throughout college and law school, in her workplaces and still today as an openly gay black woman. She knew it was time to speak her truth, and work to empower organizations and their leaders with DEI knowledge and strategies to lead their organizations through transformative change, and she founded Truth DEI which consults CEOs, entrepeneurs and organizational leaders. She brings out the TRUTH about where they currently stand with DEI and what they are willing to do to change. Nona empowers them to develop an understanding of the winning edge of having an inclusive team, and will develop strategies to improve their culture and increase their bottom line