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Paul Litwack


Axcentria Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Paul Litwack has be characterized as a proven Business Builder with 25 years of experience in the C-Suite of 5 middle-market, private equity funded corporations. As CEO he shifted their trajectories and increased shareholder value. Paul’s demonstrated strengths include Strategic Planning, Business Development (new product introductions and mergers/acquisitions), Marketing and Sales Management, Financial Planning and Team Building.

Paul’s experience includes business-to-business industrial products and consumer packaged goods, the latter which he learned at General Mills, RJR Nabisco, and Kraft General Foods, all first rate training companies that are exemplars of brand building and management.

As a Private Equity Operating Partner and Portfolio CEO his experience includes equity and non- equity positions; investing as a Limited Partner; and serving on Private Equity firm’s investment committee.

Paul is currently the CEO of Axcentria Pharmaceuticals, LLC and is leading the company’s pivot from an OTC contract drug manufacturer into branded products for the vaping industry, a disruptive technology, for the delivery of e-cigarette products, cannabinoids, vitamin and drug delivery, and medical/recreational cannabis.