Talent Recruitment

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Talent Recruitment

As the pre-eminent national leader in experiential education, Drexel University develops practiced leaders, most of whom complete their academic studies with 18 months of bona fide professional work experience.

We don’t just develop leaders; we provide real leadership opportunities. Employers can select from a host of talent acquisition specialties:

  • Co-op students
  • Undergraduate talent acquisition
  • Graduate student talent acquisition
  • Graduate-level internships

Recruit LeBow Undergraduates

Employers work closely with Undergraduate Career Services to hire students who are highly motivated, well educated and eager to work in a professional environment.

Recruit LeBow MBA and MS

Fortune 500 companies hire Drexel MBA and MS students and graduates because they are highly motivated, exceptionally educated, team-oriented leaders.

Career Services

PhD Recruiting

Discover Drexel LeBow PhD candidates on the job market and learn more about their research expertise.