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Guided by renowned faculty, Drexel LeBow PhD students conduct research across diverse business disciplines and at the leading edge of some of the most complex challenges facing industry today. This dedication to helping resolve some of the most pertinent questions within their fields enhances their ability to craft real-world practical solutions and become leaders in industry and academia.

Headshot of Ina Hajdini
Fields: Bayesian Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
PhD Advisors: Marco Airaudo, Andre Kurmann
Dissertation Title: Essays on Expectation Formation Processes in New Keynesian Models
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Headshot of Yuyue Chen
PhD Advisors: Hande Benson, Dr. Chuanren Liu
Dissertation Title: Aggregation and Disaggregation of Information
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Headshot of Amanda Marino
Fields: Determinants and effects of tax avoidance, Gender differences in executive compensation, Hedge funds and private equity, Intersection of tax legislation and multinational corporate behavior, Tax haven use and other cross-border tax strategies
PhD Advisors: Anthony Curatola, Curtis Hall
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Headshot of Jin Fang
PhD Advisors: Fariborz Partovi
Dissertation Title: Service and Manufacturing Decision Making using Social Network Analysis and Topic Modeling
Headshot of Chen Li
Dissertation Title: When Different Customers Choose Where to Use Points: How Marketing Channel and Customer Heterogeneity Influence the Point Redemption Behavior in Loyalty Program
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Headshot of Farchana Nusrat
Fields: Consumer Well-being, Digital Marketing, New Technology in Marketing
PhD Advisors: YanLiu Huang
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