Consulting and Research

Faculty and students discuss strategies

Consulting and Research

Drexel LeBow fosters collaboration between industry and academia through research projects and consulting engagements. Our in-depth faculty research engagements provide industry partners access to world-class thought leaders in business and beyond. Our consulting engagements involve multidisciplinary teams of faculty and students working together to provide custom, research-driven business solutions for organizations in both curricular and co-curricular settings.

Our consulting and research projects span areas of expertise that include:

Accounting and Finance: behavioral finance, business valuations, feasibility studies, finance optimization, financial management strategies, budgeting and control systems

Business Analytics: big data, predictive modeling, machine learning, speech analytics, visualization, analytics strategies, natural language processing

Corporate and Nonprofit Governance: board education, governance audits

Economics: financial and econometric analysis, forecasting and modeling, predicting market trends, quantitative analysis of economic indicators, economic impact assessments, economic benchmarking, behavioral economics, international business

Information Systems: cognitive computing, Internet of Things, digital platforms, blockchain technology, in-memory computing, design thinking

Leadership: management, strategy, decision making, working in teams

Marketing: customer behavior and insights, geospatial marketing, customer segmentation, brand strategies, digital marketing strategies, neuromarketing

Supply Chain and Logistics: inventory optimization, product sourcing strategies, supply chain analytics, manufacturing process strategies, logistics networks, digital supply chains, lean and agile strategies

We also partner with Colleges across Drexel such as the School of Biomedical Engineering, the College of Engineering, and the College of Computing & Infomatics to provide multi-disciplinary solutions.