Corporate and Executive Education

Our world-renowned faculty partner with you to achieve significant organizational impact. We foster the thought leadership, industry knowledge and experience in executive education to identify, assess and address all of your business needs.

Develop - Cultivate Your Most Valuable Asset

Drexel LeBow partners with your organization to inject business and leadership skills into your talent pool. New insights flourish from programs infused with the latest business strategy, trends, research, technical applications and delivery from our world-renowned faculty, as we build new, or enhance existing, development programs.

Create a learning environment that advances your talent.

  • Leadership and talent development
  • Recruitment, retention and succession planning
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Corporate university curriculum and support

Align - Innovate Across Your Organization

Addressing fundamental and strategic challenges including building business acumen and overcoming organizational silos are at the core of every executive education program at Drexel LeBow. Actionable, applied theory that leverages Drexel University’s leadership in experiential learning helps your employees gain the tools to enhance individual performance and focus that elevates organizational competence.

Integrate your strategic objectives with your learning and development programs to increase organizational efficiency.

  • Organizational learning and collaboration
  • Value creation Strategic alignment
  • Shared vision and understanding

Transform - Accelerate Success

Partner with Drexel LeBow to build a custom program that addresses your organization’s challenges and goals from the inside out. Our consultative learning team immerses itself in your business issues, developing and building a program from the ground up, using all available resources, to create a stronger foundation, new architecture or a new direction that propels initiatives forward.

Gain new perspectives on critical business issues through insight into latest thinking and best practices.

  • Strategic change
  • Cultural transformation
  • Innovation and growth
  • Enhanced critical thinking and decision-making

Drexel Business Solutions Institute

We assess your needs to provide real, applicable solutions to address all aspects of your organization.

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Executive Faculty

More than one dozen distinguished members of Drexel LeBow’s faculty teach executive education programs. Their thought leadership and guidance can help drive your organization to the next level.