Corporate and Executive Education

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Custom Programs

Our tiered approach for development of your business solution is an ongoing process. Each stage builds upon the applied learning opportunities and insight gained in the previous stage.


Our client services team works with your learning team to create an industry snapshot — an in-depth understanding of your organization’s industry, business trends, and corporate strategies — and forecasts outcomes that can be achieved through a corporate learning solution.


A comprehensive needs analysis is conducted to finalize goals and to custom design your program to meet your exact issues and expectations. During this stage, we assign the appropriate learning tools and devise an appropriate course curriculum and format based on the organization’s needs.


Our custom solution will challenge your corporate professionals to face relevant, real-world challenges in their course work, where they practice skills and learn from experts in a client-centered environment.

Performance Evaluation and Measurement

After implementation, we will quantify the results of the program based on the objectives outlined in the first stage. Through this process, you are able to see a quantitative analysis of the impact that the program has had on individual participants and overall business performance.