Corporate and Executive Education


Driving Innovation, Strategy and Change

Successful leaders integrate strategic thinking and strategic planning, create and communicate organizational strategy, assess risk and overcome barriers with superior strategy. Managers and organizations that are able to out-think their competitors should out-perform them. Organizations succeed not only by optimizing current strategies, but also by planning for future innovation.

Drexel LeBow Corporate and Executive Education helps organizations and leaders excel in these areas by teaching them to sustain short-term and long-range effectiveness and profitability:

  • Develop an understanding of innovation and its role in strategic management
  • Increase their understanding of the current firm environment for innovation, creativity, and change
  • Explore the relationship of risk to innovation and the role of leadership in innovation and change
  • Apply techniques to develop a more strategic perspective to current and future issues
  • Think more strategically

In our innovation modules/programs, LeBow faculty will challenge you to take an introspective look at your own leadership style, values and impact — and how to create a culture of innovation within your organization.

Many companies focus on streamlining and cost-cutting to achieve short-term earnings growth. However, winning managers are always seeking new ways to create value by launching new products and services, entering new markets, or rethinking established processes.

Donna De Carolis, Ph.D, discusses Close School of Entrepreneurship

Drexel University’s new Close School of Entrepreneurship embraces entrepreneurship as a broad concept — a habit of mind more than just a plan of study.

“We feel that entrepreneurship is important for your personal development and your professional growth. We want to bring that value and ideal to every student in the University and to teach them that it’s OK to dream — and to chase those dreams.”