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PhD Program Sponsorship

In supporting the LeBow PhD Program, your company invests in the development of future thought leaders and educators. Our PhD students engage in the highest quality of research required to solve the complex business questions of today. As future academics, they will train your business leaders and managers of tomorrow.

From named scholarships and doctoral fellowships, diversity engagement or sponsoring student research agendas, LeBow can help you find meaningful opportunities for partnership with our program that will align with your company’s specific goals and values.

Email the PhD program director, Jade Lo, PhD to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Why Support the LeBow PhD Program

As a sponsor, your corporation will have access to a forum for discussion around the cutting-edge business research being addressed by LeBow faculty and PhD students. Our research investigates relevant areas affecting organizations today and offers answers that will strengthen them in the future. Private corporations’ continuing support and dialogue creates an important connection between academic research and real world issues businesses face. With access to cutting-edge methods and state-of-the-art technology LeBow faculty and PhDs are ready to tackle these multifaceted business problems, unravel the issues that face your organization, create new knowledge and solve problems.

Immediate Return

All support will be acknowledged for their tax-deductible contributions at PhD events and on the LeBow website. Supporters will be acknowledged on all working papers and journal articles authored or co-authored by the students they support. Support at the sponsorship or scholarship level provides invitations to all PhD-related events and opportunities to engage with the PhD students and faculty. Support at the scholarship level offers exclusive rights to sponsoring the PhD program in a particular field (e.g. economics, finance, marketing).

Long-term Return

Support for our PhD students, means establishing a strong connection with future faculty at regional, national and global academic and research institutions. Future LeBow PhD alumni will train your next generation of managerial talent. LeBow PhD alumni hold positions at the City University of London, Cornell, Indiana, Villanova, St. Joseph’s, Bank of Canada and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), among many others.

Furthermore, the ongoing conversation with research faculty and PhD students allows for new perspectives from thought leaders on how research can inform your institution today.

Suggested Methods of Support

Named Doctoral Fellowship, Scholarship or Sponsorship

Acceptance into LeBow’s PhD program is highly selective. Less than seven percent of applicants are admitted. Doctoral fellowships attract top applicants and scholarships/sponsorships can support our best students and increase the number of admitted applicants.

  • Named Doctoral Fellowship: $5,000 to $10,000 for five years
  • Named Doctoral Sponsorship: Full tuition ($35,000 for five years) or a fellowship of $35,000 for five years
  • Named Doctoral Scholarship: Full tuition ($35,000 for five years) and a fellowship of $35,000 for five years

Sponsored PhD Research (three years of support)

LeBow PhD students begin their dissertation research in earnest in their third year, after passing their candidacy exams. Support at this stage is critical to advancing knowledge and tackling today’s business questions. Your investment here allows us to support our brightest students and enable them to focus on their research.

  • Named Research Fellowship: $10,000 for three years
  • Named Research Sponsorship: Tuition and fellowship of $10,000 for three years
  • Named Research Scholarship: Tuition and fellowship of $35,000 for three years

Diversity Partnerships

The fields of business and economics, like science, engineering and math, nationally suffer from a lack of diversity. Drexel and LeBow are fully committed to supporting diversity among our PhD students and increasing the number of future role models by training under-represented minorities and women at the doctoral level. Furthermore, many highly qualified applicants from around the globe, particularly from developing nations, wish to pursue doctoral work, but the costs of obtaining one in the US are prohibitively high.

If your institution strongly values diversity, consider supporting a fellowship, scholarship or sponsorship designated for minority or international students. This support would expand the diversity of the field and help LeBow achieve its goals of greater diversity and global outreach.

Named Doctoral Travel Awards

A named travel award of $5,000 to $10,000 is a direct method of promoting LeBow students and their research. These awards allow specific students or groups of students to attend prestigious domestic and international academic conferences. Attending these gatherings enables LeBow students to engage with the brightest minds in their field, receive valuable feedback on their work and increase the visibility of their research.

Direct Research Support

PhD research often entails significant costs for students including data acquisition, surveys, equipment purchase and undergraduate research assistants. While costs may differ by project, they can range from $10,000 to over $100,000. In many cases the costs may prohibit a PhD student from carrying out a particular project.

Featured Research Areas

  • International economics
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Supply chain management
  • Internal auditing and managerial control

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