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Learn About Economic Modeling, Virtual Markets, and Machine Learning

This is an online event.

With an MS in Economics degree, you will graduate with core analytical skills, which are valuable across a wide spectrum of careers and industries. Students in this program study the behavioral aspect of the economy, analyzing economic theory and data to develop a deeper understanding of market structures.


The School of Economics’ newest degree offering, the MS in Economics & Computer Science, provides an opportunity to focus on the practical application of economic theory in a data-driven environment. With the intersection of economics and computer science, it is necessary to understand how to train neural networks for a deeper analysis of market design and predictive modeling in the era of big data. 

Join us on March 13th for a virtual faculty-led discussion about economic modeling, virtual markets, machine learning and policy evaluation led by Mark Stehr, Associate Professor and Assistant Director of the School of Economics.


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  • Decision Sciences and MIS
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