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Personal Branding and Social Media: Igniting Growth Through Positive Impacts and Lasting Impressions

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Personal branding is what people say and think about you in your absence. Your personal brand story has the power to change the minds of those in your life and community, either for better or worse. Paired with a strategic social media communication plan, personal branding can positively impact an individual’s life personally and professionally.

A quality personal brand can work directly for you and help you secure opportunities and build quality relationships. Sharing your personal brand through social media is an effective way to introduce your unique brand story while clearing and repeatedly communicating your goals and objectives.

During this executive course, participants will craft their personal brand statement and learn how to digitally share their differentiating advantages with ideal target markets. This course provides the tools necessary to clearly outline your personal brand so you can confidently and regularly convey who you are, what you want and why you deserve it on various social media platforms.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Your Personal Brand

  • Personal Branding by Definition
  • Conversations and Start Storytelling
  • Aspiration + Action = Abundance
  • Run Your Race

Unit 2: Your Unique Equation

  • Who You Are and What You Want
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Sticker and Tattoo Goals
  • Highlight Reel and Greatest Hits

Unit 3: Your Business Brand

  • Your Brand Position and Offerings
  • Huddle, Audience and Network
  • Brand Research

Unit 4: Your Brand Tools

  • Basics, Platforms and Content
  • References and Referrals
  • Advertising and Apps
  • Get a Life”

Unit 5: Your Brand Tools

  • Gather Your Tools and Determine Your Ask
  • Build Your Plan
  • The “3 to 1 Rule”
  • Your Today List

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Who should attend?


  • Business Community
  • Higher Education
  • Government
  • Non-profit


  • Executive
    • Executive MBA
  • Continuing Professional Education

This event is part of the EMBA Electives Week series.