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360i Analytics 50 Submission


Jared Belsky, President





Business Challenge

360i is a digital agency specializing in search engine marketing, social media, mobile marketing and web design and development. The company aims to ensure that its staff purchases the right click for its clients, who want to place bids for search engine marketing.

Analytics Solution

360i built a technology suite that is unique in the industry and includes:

  • Natural language processing that puts keywords together with the right ad copy and landing pages to maximize relevance to the consumer
  • Advanced forecasting and optimization to make sure budgets are allocated where and when they are needed
  • Predictive bidding that uses linguistic similarity as a proxy for performance correlation between keywords to calculate accurate bids for keywords with sparse data
  • Performance monitoring that unscrambles the opaque second-price auction to tackle campaign performance issues before they occur


360i’s Pulse has resulted in $250 million in cost savings and $1 billion in revenue generation for the company’s paid search clients.