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Eurpac Service, Inc. Analytics 50 Submission


Shelley Rohlik, Director of Business Analytics


Eurpac Service, Inc.



Business Challenge

Eurpac Service Inc., distributes and merchandises leading consumer products, serving manufacturers such as Sony, Disney, L’Oreal and Microsoft to a variety of retailers globally, operating more than 2,000 retail outlets. Eurpac’s Business Analytics Director, Shelley Rohlik, and her teammates were tasked with fueling three years of rapid growth through internal efforts and acquisitions. Rohlik and her colleagues supported the merger of four disparate field service teams into one global retail team offering superior in-store service, for less cost, with an unmatched level of communication to client manufacturers and retailers.

Analytics Solution

Eurpac’s goal is to deliver superior “Retail IQ” by creating superior insight on every product, in every store, every day. First and foremost, Eurpac’s approach is not a standalone. The analytic solution was, and is, a cornerstone of its operators’ everyday approach to produce tactical advantage, operational efficiency and strategic position in the marketplace. The solution employed a myriad of techniques in a distinct combination to create the solution set tied into Eurpac’s process flow steps applied to every product category: distribution, unmatched speed to shelf, in-stock rate of all product placements, and strong brand awareness.


Retail IQ is a game-changer on several levels, both qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative impacts are strategic position, trading partner relationships, and talent acquisition and retention. In quantitative terms, Retail IQ is equally impactful: Revenue is up; client portfolio and top line increased and expenses are down. The Retail IQ analysis did not just improve Eurpac’s organization. The largest retail customer—one with 3,000 suppliers—recognized five of its 3,000 suppliers for exceptional performance in 2015. Three of the five awards went to Eurpac. This analytics project has provided Eurpac with extraordinary results.