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H.D. Smith Analytics 50 Submission


Kyle Pudenz, Senior Director, Purchasing


H.D. Smith



Business Challenge

Spring is harvest season in central Florida, but also the time when rattlesnakes form dens under fern crops, putting urgent pressure on local hospitals and healthcare providers to have highly perishable anti-venom on demand. The amount of anti-venom needed is difficult to determine, but it’s not something that can be left on the shelf—a supply chain challenge. This is only one example of the supply challenges H. D. Smith faces on a daily basis. With data dispersed across multiple subsidiaries and warehouses, getting it in one place for analysis was a time-consuming challenge.

Analytics Solution

H. D. Smith began using FusionOps, a cloud application with built-in supply chain analytics that guide global enterprises in reducing cost, increasing revenue and improving customer service. The platform enables the wholesaler to better anticipate and meet demand and offer service levels it couldn’t have previously. It also uses prescriptive analytics, allowing simulations of different scenarios for a better understanding of the pros and cons of alternative decisions.


After implementing FusionOps, H. D. Smith:

  • Has had better insight into service exceptions
  • Creates dashboard to guide daily efforts, using the data as needed
  • Has a new understanding and anticipation of demand
  • Keeps its inventory better aligned with what it will actually sell and when
  • Has achieved a reduction in inventory on hand and an improvement in service levels
  • Is able to meet demand 98.5% of the time, beating its target every time
  • Uses visual tools that have increased efficiency and saved time *Uses software that enables more collaboration among partners, including key customers and suppliers