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IOMICS Corporation Analytics 50 Submission


Joseph Gormley, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Software Architect, and Daniel Corkill, Chief Science Officer, Senior Data Scientist


IOMICS Corporation


Science / Healthcare

Business Challenge

The pace and complexity of biochemical research is increasing rapidly. Although the industry is data rich, transforming complex data sets into actionable knowledge remains a challenge—particularity for small-to-medium-sized biotechnology companies (SMBCs). The needs of innovators today extend far beyond using a single mining algorithm and a spreadsheet. To remain competitive, a researcher requires an analytics system that can address complex questions across multiple data types and process scales without the need for programming, continuous IT support or prohibitively expensive data science teams. A business challenge for IOMICS has been the design of an affordable yet highly automated analytics system that will allow SMBCs, and all scientific innovators, to compete effectively.

Analytics Solution

To address this challenge, IOMICS developed the FUSION Analytics Platform™, a cloud-based software system for prescriptive analytics and rapid prototyping of advanced decision models. FUSION is different by design. FUSION employs multiple artificial intelligence strategies and over 80 semantically integrated data sets to extract meaning from a broad range of chemical and molecular data types. FUSION is a highly automated system that utilizes the most effective machine learning techniques, including deep learning, along with powerful new algorithms for data quality management, automated data staging and model development, and integrated high-performance GPU computing. FUSION is a complete biochemical analytics solution accessed from the desktop.


FUSION is purpose-built for biochemical design and toxicity screening, modeling biological response and patient state analytics. One of the most important deployments of the FUSION Analytics Platform in 2016 is in translational medicine. FUSION is currently mining one of the world’s largest open-access repositories of cancer research data. This initiative has resulted in the identification of multiple molecular phenotypes of interest to both drug development companies and forward thinking clinicians interested in predictive healthcare analytics at the point-of-care. FUSION is helping to democratize science by allowing a greater number of academics and SMBCs to compete at the highest levels of biochemical research.