Institute for Strategic Leadership

For Businesses

A main focus of Drexel LeBow’s Institute for Strategic Leadership (ISL) is to advance an evidence-based perspective to leadership. We believe that clear, verifiable support will help leaders diagnose preconceived ideas and assumptions that may not be accurate, and replace them with practices that have been proven to be effective.

Research findings often run contrary to conventional wisdom. For instance, research has clearly shown that typical job interviews are a relatively ineffective approach to selecting and hiring employees; employee pay is not strongly related to job satisfaction; and introverted leaders often perform better than extroverted leaders, depending on the type of team they lead.

LeBow faculty affiliated with ISL conduct research that enables leaders to quickly and accurately determine what type of leadership works and what doesn’t in a variety of settings and situations. Here are several examples of takeaways that can be gleaned from our findings:

  • Leaders’ family-supportive behaviors have a positive effect on employees’ work-family balance, but only when paired with complementary behaviors from the organization and spouse.
  • Assigning increasingly difficult job goals to leaders results in increased levels of abusive behaviors toward their subordinates.
  • When leading a heterogeneous team, task-focused leadership reduces team conflict; relational-focused leadership enhances it.