School of Economics

eConsult Collaboration

Through a collaboration agreement with Econsult Solutions Inc. (ESI), School of Economics students and faculty benefit from experiential learning and applied research opportunities.

Specific areas of engagement include:

  • Research collaborations: ESI and Drexel’s School of Economics pursue joint research projects and work hand-in-hand in analyzing local and regional public policy.

  • Educational programs: ESI’s partners will continue to teach classes in micro and macroeconomics, public finance and international economic development as well as applied econometrics and business consulting. ESI partners are on the School of Economics’ advisory council.

  • Workplace opportunities: ESI will participate in the school’s career fairs and on professional panels, and it will continue to offer internship and co-op opportunities.

  • Competitions to showcase student talent: ESI has been working closely with the Drexel Economics Society, a student-run organization, including on preparation for an annual case competition.