Christian Resick

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Areas of Expertise

  • Groups/Teams
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Culture and Fit
  • Personality

Selected Works


Graham, Katrina, Resick, Christian, Margolis, Jaclyn, Shao, Ping, Hargis, Michael, and Kiker, Jason, Egoistic Norms, Organizational Identification, and the Perceived Ethicality of Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior: A Moral Maturation Perspective. Human Relations (Forthcoming)

Taylor, Jennifer, Davis, Andrea, Shepler, Lauren, Lee, Jin, Cannuscio, Carolyn, Zohar, Dov, and Resick, Christian, Development and Validation of the Fire Service Safety Climate Scale. Safety Science 118 (Oct 2019): 126-144.

Dust, Scott, Resick, Christian, Margolis, Jaclyn, Mawritz, Mary, and Greenbaum, Rebecca L., Ethical leadership and employee success: Examining the roles of psychological empowerment and emotional exhaustion. Leadership Quarterly 29 (Sep 2018): 570-583.

Maynard, M. Travis, Kennedy, Deanna M., and Resick, Christian, Teamwork in Extreme Environments: Lessons, Challenges, and Opportunities. Journal of Organizational Behavior 39 (Jul 2018): 695-700.

Maynard, M. Travis, Resick, Christian, Cunningham, Quinn, and DiRenzo, Marco, Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: How Action Phase Functional Leadership, Team Human Capital and Interim vs. Permanent Leader Status Impacts Post-Transition Team Performance. Journal of Business and Psychology 32 (Oct 2017): 575-593.

Resick, Christian, Murase, Toshio, Randall, Kenneth, and DeChurch, Leslie, Information Elaboration and Team Performance: Examining the Psychological Origins and Environmental Contingencies. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 124 (Jul 2014): 165-176.

Mawritz, Mary, Dust, Scott, and Resick, Christian, Hostile Climate, Abusive Supervision, and Employee Coping: Does Conscientiousness Matter?. Journal of Applied Psychology 99 (Jul 2014): 737-747.

Resick, Christian, Hargis, Michael, Shao, Ping, and Dust, Scott, Ethical Leadership, Moral Equity Judgments, and Discretionary Workplace Behavior. Human Relations 66 (Jul 2013): 951-972.

Martin, Gillian, Resick, Christian, Keating, Mary, Szabo, Erna, Kwan, Ho, and Peng, Chunyan, The Meaning of Leader Integrity: A Comparative Study Across Anglo, Asian, and Germanic Cultures. Leadership Quarterly 24 (Jun 2013): 445-461.

Randall, Kenneth, Resick, Christian, and DeChurch, Leslie, Building Team Adaptive Capacity: The Roles of Sense-Giving and Team Composition. Journal of Applied Psychology 96 (May 2011): 525-540.

Resick, Christian, Whitman, Daniel, Weingarden, Steven, and Hiller, Nathan, The Bright-Side and The Dark-Side of CEO Personality: Examining Core Self-Evaluations, Narcissism, Transformational Leadership, and Strategic Influence. Journal of Applied Psychology 94 (Nov 2009): 1365-1381.


DiRenzo, Marco, Weingarden, Steven, and Resick, Christian, “Following the leader in sports: A targeted review and a rally for extended research.” Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts, Ed. C. Peus, S. Braun, & B. Schyns (Eds.). UK: Emerald Publishing Group, (2016):

Resick, Christian, Giberson, Tomas, Dickson, Marcus, Wynne, Kevin, and Bajdo, Linda, “Person-organization fit, organizational citizenship, and social-cognitive motivational mechanisms.” Organizational Fit: Key Issues and New Directions, Ed. A. L. Kristof-Brown and J. Billsberry. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, (2013): 99-123.

Murase, Toshio, Resick, Christian, Jimenez, Millie, Sanz, Elizibeth, and DeChurch, Leslie, “Leadership and Collective Cognition.” Theories of Team Cognition: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, Ed. E. Salas, S. Fiore, & M. Letsky. New York: Routledge, (2011): 117-144.

Resick, Christian, Burke, C. Shawn, and Doty, Daniel, “MTS research in laboratory settings: A look at the technical and practical challenges.” Multi-Team Systems: An Organization Form for Dynamic and Complex Environments, Ed. S. J. Zaccaro, M. A. Marks, & L. A. DeChurch . New York: Taylor and Francis, (2011): 487-510.

Presented Research

Cunningham, Quinn, and Resick, Christian, Transactive Memory Systems, Leader Sensemaking, and Information Elaboration in Teams, Annual Conference of the Interdisciplinary Network of Group Researchers: Bethesda, MD, (Jul 2018):

Ziegert, Jonathan C., Resick, Christian, Knight, Andrew P., and Graham, Katrina, Using Wearable Sensors to Examine Interaction Patterns in Multiteam Systems, Academy of Management: Atlanta, GA, (Aug 2017):

Choi, Jae Young, and Resick, Christian, Trust in the Workplace: A Multifoci Meta-Analytic Investigation, Academy of Management: Anaheim, CA, (Aug 2016):

Rosikiewicz, Blythe, and Resick, Christian, Taking Advantage: Leader Machiavellianism and Employee Political Capital, Academy of Management: Anaheim, CA, (Aug 2016):

Margolis, Jaclyn, and Resick, Christian, Relationship Quality in Teams: A Multi-level Motivational Perspective, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Anaheim, CA, (Apr 2016):

Editorial Board Service

Member – Journal of Applied Psychology, APA (2017)
Member – Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Elsevier (2017)
Member – Human Relations, Tavistock (2017)
Member – Leadership Quarterly, Elsevier (2017)
Associate Editor – Journal of Organizational Behavior, Wiley (2017)
Guest Editor – Journal of Organizational Behavior, Wiley (2017)
Member – Journal of Applied Psychology, APA (2018)
Member – Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Elsevier (2018)
Member – Human Relations, Tavistock (2018)
Member – Leadership Quarterly, Elsevier (2018)
Senior Editor – Journal of Organizational Behavior, Wiley (2018)


BS Management - Saint Francis University Loretto, PA 1992
MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology - West Chester University West Chester, PA 1994
PhD Industrial/Organizational Psychology - Wayne State University Detroit, MI USA 2004

Professional Experience

Corporate-National City Bank of Pennsylvania Compensation Analyst/HR Consultant Oct 1994 - Oct 1996
Corporate-Buck Consultants Compensation and Performance Management Consultant Oct 1996 - Jun 2000

Media Mentions

The Skill Successful Workplace Teams Need

via Business News Daily

When working across disciplines, teammates face communication challenges. LeBow professor Christian Resick’s research reveals the traits that can help cross-functional members achieve their goals.

College News

New research from Drexel LeBow’s Christian Resick finds that cross-functional teams working on dynamic projects need to master the art of information elaboration. By providing detailed explanations, and constructively discussing and integrating members’ ideas, teams are able to leverage their diverse knowledge resources and be successful.

Drexel is home to a lot of winners and that is certainly the case with LeBow’s Ph.D. students. Scott Dust, who is graduating next week with a doctorate in management, was recognized with the Outstanding Promise Doctoral Award by the University.