Christian Resick, PhD

Candid photo of Christian Resick

Areas of Expertise

  • Groups/Teams
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Culture and Fit
  • Personality

Selected Works


Graham, Katrina, Resick, Christian, Margolis, Jaclyn, Shao, Ping, Hargis, Michael, and Kiker, Jason, Egoistic Norms, Organizational Identification, and the Perceived Ethicality of Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior: A Moral Maturation Perspective. Human Relations 73 (Sep 2020): 1249-1277.

Taylor, Jennifer, Davis, Andrea, Shepler, Lauren, Lee, Jin, Cannuscio, Carolyn, Zohar, Dov, and Resick, Christian, Development and Validation of the Fire Service Safety Climate Scale. Safety Science 118 (Oct 2019): 126-144.

Dust, Scott, Resick, Christian, Margolis, Jaclyn, Mawritz, Mary, and Greenbaum, Rebecca L., Ethical leadership and employee success: Examining the roles of psychological empowerment and emotional exhaustion. Leadership Quarterly 29 (Sep 2018): 570-583.

Maynard, M. Travis, Kennedy, Deanna M., and Resick, Christian, Teamwork in Extreme Environments: Lessons, Challenges, and Opportunities. Journal of Organizational Behavior 39 (Jul 2018): 695-700.

Maynard, M. Travis, Resick, Christian, Cunningham, Quinn, and DiRenzo, Marco, Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: How Action Phase Functional Leadership, Team Human Capital and Interim vs. Permanent Leader Status Impacts Post-Transition Team Performance. Journal of Business and Psychology 32 (Oct 2017): 575-593.

Resick, Christian, Murase, Toshio, Randall, Kenneth, and DeChurch, Leslie, Information Elaboration and Team Performance: Examining the Psychological Origins and Environmental Contingencies. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 124 (Jul 2014): 165-176.

Mawritz, Mary, Dust, Scott, and Resick, Christian, Hostile Climate, Abusive Supervision, and Employee Coping: Does Conscientiousness Matter?. Journal of Applied Psychology 99 (Jul 2014): 737-747.

Resick, Christian, Hargis, Michael, Shao, Ping, and Dust, Scott, Ethical Leadership, Moral Equity Judgments, and Discretionary Workplace Behavior. Human Relations 66 (Jul 2013): 951-972.

Martin, Gillian, Resick, Christian, Keating, Mary, Szabo, Erna, Kwan, Ho, and Peng, Chunyan, The Meaning of Leader Integrity: A Comparative Study Across Anglo, Asian, and Germanic Cultures. Leadership Quarterly 24 (Jun 2013): 445-461.

Randall, Kenneth, Resick, Christian, and DeChurch, Leslie, Building Team Adaptive Capacity: The Roles of Sense-Giving and Team Composition. Journal of Applied Psychology 96 (May 2011): 525-540.

Resick, Christian, Whitman, Daniel, Weingarden, Steven, and Hiller, Nathan, The Bright-Side and The Dark-Side of CEO Personality: Examining Core Self-Evaluations, Narcissism, Transformational Leadership, and Strategic Influence. Journal of Applied Psychology 94 (Nov 2009): 1365-1381.


DiRenzo, Marco, Weingarden, Steven, and Resick, Christian, “Following the leader in sports: A targeted review and a rally for extended research.” Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts, Ed. C. Peus, S. Braun, & B. Schyns (Eds.). UK: Emerald Publishing Group, (2016):

Resick, Christian, Giberson, Tomas, Dickson, Marcus, Wynne, Kevin, and Bajdo, Linda, “Person-organization fit, organizational citizenship, and social-cognitive motivational mechanisms.” Organizational Fit: Key Issues and New Directions, Ed. A. L. Kristof-Brown and J. Billsberry. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, (2013): 99-123.

Murase, Toshio, Resick, Christian, Jimenez, Millie, Sanz, Elizibeth, and DeChurch, Leslie, “Leadership and Collective Cognition.” Theories of Team Cognition: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, Ed. E. Salas, S. Fiore, & M. Letsky. New York: Routledge, (2011): 117-144.

Resick, Christian, Burke, C. Shawn, and Doty, Daniel, “MTS research in laboratory settings: A look at the technical and practical challenges.” Multi-Team Systems: An Organization Form for Dynamic and Complex Environments, Ed. S. J. Zaccaro, M. A. Marks, & L. A. DeChurch . New York: Taylor and Francis, (2011): 487-510.

Presented Research

Kiker, Jason, Ziegert, Jonathan C., Resick, Christian, D’Innocenzo, Lauren, Rosikiewicz, Blythe, and Dust, Scott, Shared Leadership and Team Performance: Do Power Differentials Matter., (Aug 2020):

Cunningham, Quinn, and Resick, Christian, Transactive Memory Systems, Leader Sensemaking, and Information Elaboration in Teams, Annual Conference of the Interdisciplinary Network of Group Researchers: Bethesda, MD, (Jul 2018):

Ziegert, Jonathan C., Resick, Christian, Knight, Andrew P., and Graham, Katrina, Using Wearable Sensors to Examine Interaction Patterns in Multiteam Systems, Academy of Management: Atlanta, GA, (Aug 2017):

Choi, Jae Young, and Resick, Christian, Trust in the Workplace: A Multifoci Meta-Analytic Investigation, Academy of Management: Anaheim, CA, (Aug 2016):

Rosikiewicz, Blythe, and Resick, Christian, Taking Advantage: Leader Machiavellianism and Employee Political Capital, Academy of Management: Anaheim, CA, (Aug 2016):

Margolis, Jaclyn, and Resick, Christian, Relationship Quality in Teams: A Multi-level Motivational Perspective, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Anaheim, CA, (Apr 2016):

Editorial Board Service

Journal of Organizational Behavior – Senior Editor (2018 – Present)
Journal of Applied Psychology – Member (2017 – Present)
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes – Member (2017 – Present)
Human Relations – Member (2017 – Present)
Leadership Quarterly – Member (2017 – Present)
Journal of Organizational Behavior – Associate Editor (2017 – 2017)
Journal of Organizational Behavior – Guest Editor (2017 – 2017)


BS Management - Saint Francis University Loretto, PA 1992
MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology - West Chester University West Chester, PA 1994
PhD Industrial/Organizational Psychology - Wayne State University Detroit, MI USA 2004

Professional Experience

Corporate-National City Bank of Pennsylvania Compensation Analyst/HR Consultant Oct 1994 - Oct 1996
Corporate-Buck Consultants Compensation and Performance Management Consultant Oct 1996 - Jun 2000

College News

Research by Christian Resick, associate professor of management, found that employees who strongly identify with their employer are more likely to act unethically.