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Christian Resick, PhD



Headshot of Christian Resick

Gerri C. LeBow Hall 635

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Groups/Teams
  • Organizational Culture and Fit
  • Personality
  • Behavioral Science/Org Behavior

Selected Works


Resick, Christian, Lucianetti, Lorenzo, Mawritz, Mary, Choi, Jae Young, Boyer, Stacy, and D’Innocenzo, Lauren, When Focus and Vision Become a Nightmare: Bottom-Line Mentality Climate, Shared Vision, and Unit Unethical Conduct. Journal of Applied Psychology (Forthcoming).

Resick, Christian, Nadkarni, Sucheta, Chu, Jenny, Chen, Jianhong, Lien, Wan-Chien, Margolis, Jaclyn, and Shao, Ping, I Did it My Way: CEO Core Self-Evaluations and the Environmental Contingencies on Firm Risk Taking Strategies. Journal of Management Studies (Forthcoming).

Ziegert, Jonathan C., Knight, A. P., Resick, Christian, and Graham, Katrina, Addressing Performance Tensions in Multiteam Systems: Balancing Informal Mechanisms of Coordination Within and Between Teams. Academy of Management Journal 65 (Feb 2022):158-185.

Graham, Katrina, Resick, Christian, Margolis, Jaclyn, Shao, Ping, Hargis, Michael, and Kiker, Jason, Egoistic Norms, Organizational Identification, and the Perceived Ethicality of Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior: A Moral Maturation Perspective. Human Relations 73 (Sep 2020):1249-1277.

Taylor, Jennifer, Davis, Andrea, Shepler, Lauren, Lee, Jin, Cannuscio, Carolyn, Zohar, Dov, and Resick, Christian, Development and Validation of the Fire Service Safety Climate Scale. Safety Science 118 (Oct 2019):126-144.

Dust, Scott, Resick, Christian, Margolis, Jaclyn, Mawritz, Mary, and Greenbaum, Rebecca L., Ethical leadership and employee success: Examining the roles of psychological empowerment and emotional exhaustion. Leadership Quarterly 29 (Sep 2018):570-583.

Maynard, M. Travis, Kennedy, Deanna M., and Resick, Christian, Teamwork in Extreme Environments: Lessons, Challenges, and Opportunities. Journal of Organizational Behavior 39 (Jul 2018):695-700.

Resick, Christian, Murase, Toshio, Randall, Kenneth, and DeChurch, Leslie, Information Elaboration and Team Performance: Examining the Psychological Origins and Environmental Contingencies. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 124 (Jul 2014):165-176.

Mawritz, Mary, Dust, Scott, and Resick, Christian, Hostile Climate, Abusive Supervision, and Employee Coping: Does Conscientiousness Matter?. Journal of Applied Psychology 99 (Jul 2014):737-747.


Zaccaro, Stephen, Zhou, Steven, and Resick, Christian, “CEO Characteristics and Organizational Agility.” Senior Leadership Teams and the Agile OrganizationCEO Characteristics and Organizational Agility , New York: Routledge, (Forthcoming) .

DiRenzo, Marco, Weingarden, Steven, and Resick, Christian, “Following the leader in sports: A targeted review and a rally for extended research.” Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts, Ed. C. Peus, S. Braun, & B. Schyns (Eds.). UK: Emerald Publishing Group, (2016): .

Presented Research

Lee, Jin, Resick, Christian, Allen, Joseph, Davis, Andrea, Taylor, Jennifer, Castro, Katherine, and Trautman, Alexandra, The Unfolding Effects on First Responders in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Safety Climate, Burnout, and Depression,

Choudhury, Anwesha, Margolis, Jaclyn, Maupin, Cynthia, Resick, Christian, and D’Innocenzo, Lauren, Knowledge [Sharing] is Power: How Knowledge Sharing Networks Facilitate Team Performance., Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Seattle, WA, (Apr 2022):

Rosikiewicz, Blythe, Choi, Jae Young, Kim, Yoonhee, and Resick, Christian, Leader Machiavellianism & Supervisory Behaviors: Do Employee Political Skills Matter?, (Jun 2020):

Kiker, Jason, Ziegert, Jonathan C., Resick, Christian, D’Innocenzo, Lauren, Rosikiewicz, Blythe, and Dust, Scott, Shared Leadership Emergence and its Effects on Information Exchange and Performance., (Jun 2020):


PhD Industrial/Organizational Psychology-Wayne State University USA 2004
MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology-West Chester University 1994
BS Management-Saint Francis University 1992

Professional Experience

Corporate-Buck Consultants Compensation and Performance Management Consultant Oct 1996-Jun 2000
Corporate-National City Bank of Pennsylvania Compensation Analyst/HR Consultant Oct 1994-Oct 1996


Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies – Member (2019–2021)
Journal of Organizational Behavior – Editor (2019–2021)
Human Relations – Member (2017–2021)
Journal of Applied Psychology – Member (2017–2021)
Leadership Quarterly – Member (2017–2021)
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes – Member (2017–2021)
Journal of Organizational Behavior – Senior Editor (2018–2019)
Journal of Organizational Behavior – Associate Editor (2017)
Journal of Organizational Behavior – Guest Editor (2017)