Dali Ma, PhD

Candid photo of Dali Ma

Areas of Expertise

  • inequality and status hierarchy
  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Organization Theory
  • social networks
  • sociology of China

Selected Works


Ma, Dali, Narayanan, V.K., Liu, Chuanren, and Fakharizadi, Ehsan, Boundary Salience: The Interactive Effect of Organizational Status Distance and Geographical Proximity on Coauthorship Tie Formation. Social Networks 63 (Jul 2020): 162-173.

Ma, Dali, Boundary Repair: Science and Enterprise at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Social Studies of Science 49 (Jun 2019): 381-402.

Ma, Dali, Social Belonging and Economic Action: Affection-based Social Circles in the Creation of Private Entrepreneurship. Social Forces 94 (Sep 2015): 87-114.

Ma, Dali, Rhee, Mooweon, and Yang, Daegyu, Power Source Mismatch and the Effectiveness of Interorganizational Relations: The Case of Venture Capital Syndication. Academy of Management Journal 56 (Jun 2013): 711-734.

Ma, Dali, A Relational View of Organizational Restructuring: The Case of Transitional China. Management and Organization Review 8 (Mar 2012): 51-75.

Ma, Dali, and Parish, William L., Tocquevillian Moments: Charitable Contributions by Chinese Private Entrepreneurs. Social Forces 85 (Dec 2006): 943-964.

Editorial Board Service

Management and Organization Review – Senior Editor (2018–Present)
Management and Organization Review – Member (2017)


PhD Sociology - University of Chicago 2007


2019 Faculty Summer Research Award (Drexel University)
2016 Visiting Fellow (Princeton University)
2014 Wiley Blackwell Management and Organization Review Young Scholar Award (International Association for Chinese Management Research)
2012 Batten Fellow (Darden School of Business, University of Virginia)
2009 Louis R. Pondy Best Dissertation Paper Award, Organization and Management Theory Division (Academy of Management)
2009 All-Academy William H. Newman Best Dissertation Paper Award (Academy of Management)
2005-2006 Markovitz Dissertation Fellowship (University of Chicago)