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Daniel Albert, PhD

Assistant Professor



Dr. Daniel Albert is an Assistant Professor of Management at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, specializing in strategic management, innovation, and organizational design. His teaching spans various levels, including MBA and Executive MBA programs, emphasizing strategy and competitive advantage. He integrates cutting-edge technology, such as generative AI, into his teaching approach and is a Members of the Drexel University Standing Committee on Artificial Intelligence.

Daniel’s research extends to organizational design in the financial services and US hospital industries. In addition, he develops computer simulation models to study cognition, complex decision-making, and innovation, utilizing algorithms informed by psychology and neuroscience studies as effective, simplified representations of human learning processes. Many of these algorithms build the basic foundation of prominent AI models, such as neural networks that underly large language models. His findings have been published in prestigious academic journals and his work on mental models, learning, and decision-making earned him and his collaborators the Sumantra Goshal Award for Research and Practice by the Academy of Management in 2022. Together with his co-author, he also was awarded a distinguished paper award by the Academy of Management in 2023.

Daniel’s academic journey started with his Ph.D. studies at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, where he delved into the intricacies of the financial service industry. This path led him to the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where he was invited to serve as a research scholar for several years, both during and following his Ph.D. studies. Before joining Drexel University, Dr. Albert was a tenure-track professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cognition and Strategy
  • Decision Making
  • Computer simulations
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Research
  • US Hospital Industry Pricing and Strategy
  • Strategic Mangagement

Selected Works


Albert, Daniel, and Siggelkow, Nicolaj, Architectural Search and Innovation. Organization Science (Jan 2022).

Albert, Daniel, Kreutzer, Markus, and Lechner, Christoph, Resolving the paradox of interdependency and strategic renewal in activity systems. Academy of Management Review 40 (Apr 2015):210-234.


Albert, Daniel, and Ganco, Martin, “Landscape Models of Complex Change.” Oxford Handbook of Organization Change and Innovation, Ed. Van de Ven, A.H. & Pool. M.S.. Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press, (2021): .


Albert, Daniel, and Csaszar, Felipe, Searching under Multiple Goals: Exploring the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Heuristics, Academy of Management Conference May 2023. (Jul 2023):

Albert, Daniel, Martignoni, Dirk, Menon, Anoop, and Siggelkow, Nicolaj, The power of open-minded simplicity in mental models, Academy of Management May 2022. (Aug 2022):


PhD Management-University of St. Gallen Switzerland 2013
MS Business-Friedrich Alexander University Germany 2007


2022 Distinguished Paper Award (Academy of Management)
2022 Freddie Reisman Award (Drexel University)
2022 Innovation in Teaching Award (LeBow’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.)
2021 Sumantra Goshal Research and Practice Award (Academy of Management)


Journal of Organization Design – Associate Editor (2023–Present)
Journal of Organization Design – Member (2020–2022)
Long Range Planning – Member (2020–2022)
Organization Science – Member (2020–2021)
Journal of Organization Design – Member (2019)
Long Range Planning – Member (2019)