Daniel Dorn, PhD

Candid photo of Daniel Dorn

Areas of Expertise

  • Behavioral Finance
  • Equity Markets
  • Investments

Selected Works


Dorn, Daniel, Student-Managed Portfolios: Wisdom of Independent Crowds?. Journal of Trading 13 (Jan 2018): 17-26.

Dorn, Anne, Dorn, Daniel, and Sengmueller, Paul, Trading as Gambling. Management Science 61 (Oct 2015): 2376-2393.

Dorn, Daniel, and Huberman, Gur, Preferred Risk Habitat of Individual Investors. Journal of Financial Economics 97 (Jul 2010): 155-173.

Dorn, Daniel, Does Sentiment Drive the Retail Demand for IPOs?. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 44 (Apr 2009): 85-108.

Dorn, Daniel, and Sengmueller, Paul, Trading as Entertainment?. Management Science 55 (Apr 2009): 591-603.

Dorn, Daniel, Huberman, Gur, and Sengmueller, Paul, Correlated Trading and Returns. Journal of Finance 63 (Apr 2008): 885-920.

Dorn, Daniel, and Huberman, Gur, Talk and Action: What Individual Investors Say and What They Do?. Review of Finance 9 (Dec 2005): 437-481.

Editorial Board Service

Spanish Review of Financial Economics – Editor (2017 – Present)


BA Finance and Entrepreneurship - Ecole Superieure de Commerce (ESC) de Lyon France 1998
BA Finance and Operations - WHU - Wissenschaftliche Hochschule fuer Unternehmensfuehrung Koblenz, — Germany 1998
PhD Finance (with distinction) - Columbia University New York, NY USA 2003