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Daniel Tzabbar, PhD



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Associate professor of strategy and technology innovation management. My research focuses on creating and testing organizational and strategic theories related to the micro-mechanisms that facilitate learning and technological change. It is guided by two inter-related research questions: 1) How does flow of knowledge across firm boundaries,through various sources,affect learning and change? 2) How do social and technological contexts within a firm affect the firm’s ability to leverage its existing and new inflowing knowledge?

Cumulatively, my research to date demonstrates that while the source and characteristics of knowledge inflows and outflows affect a company’s opportunities for learning and development of new technology, our understanding of these relationships is incomplete without considering the firm’s social context and technological characteristics. Additionally, in contrast to the existing theoretical effort to identify forces that encourage organizations to favor incremental changes through exploiting existing knowledge, my work opens up new avenues of understanding the mechanisms that facilitate significant technological transformations in organizations. I highlight the micro-mechanisms associated with human capital as a key driver of these transformations. This research provides the foundation for future integration of literatures on learning, knowledge-based view and resource dependence theory to address the intriguing question about: how do a firm’s human, technological and social capitals interact to facilitate/hinder the development/transformation of the firm’s technological capabilities?

By integrating human capital theory with resource dependence and power theories, my research provides a theoretical and empirical meeting ground for economists, organizational theorists, and strategic human capital scholars.

Selected Works


Cirillo, Bruno, Tzabbar, D, and Seo, Donghwi, The structural divide in employe mobility research: A bibliometrics and topic modeling analysis. Advances in Strategic Management (Oct 2020):

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Tzabbar, D, Cirillo, Bruno, and Breschi, Stefano, The differential impact of intra-firm collaboration and Technological network centrality on employees’ likelihood of leaving the firm. Organization Science (Dec 2021):

Tzabbar, D, and Margolis, Jaclyn, Beyond the Startup Stage: The Founding Team’s Human Capital, New Venture’s Stage of Life, Founder-CEO Duality, and Breakthrough Innovation. Organization Science 28 (Apr 2017): 857-872.


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Tzabbar, D, When does tapping external sources of knowledge result in knowledge integration?, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. Apr 2013.

Tzabbar, D, and Keohe, Rebecca, The dual effects of star scientist turnover on exploitation and exploration, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Apr 2013. Academy of Management

Tzabbar, D, When does scientist mobility affect technological repositioning?, Academy of Management Proceedings. Apr 2009.

Tzabbar, D, Aharonson, B. S., Amburgey, L. T, and Al-Laham, A., The effects of bundled knowledge stocks on innovative success, Academy of Management Proceedings Jun 2008.

Tzabbar, D, Reorganizing career management, Academy of Management Proceedings Oct 2005.


BA Political Science - Tel-Aviv University Israel 1996
MA Organizational Behavior/Labor Studies - Tel-Aviv University Israel 1999
PhD Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management - Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto Canada 2005

Professional Experience

Academic-Journal of Management Editorial Review Board member Apr 2014 -
Academic-Organization Science Editorial Review Board member Feb 2015 -
Academic-Academy of Management Journal Editorial Review Board member May 2015 -
Academic-Organizational Dynamics Editorial Review Board member Jan 2016 -
Academic-Strategic Entrepreneurial Journal Associate Editor Jan 2021 -


2017 Provost mid-career productivity award (Drexel)
2016 AMJ’s Best Reviewer Award (Academy of Management Journal)
2013 Best Paper Award (Strategic Management Sciety)
2013 Best Paper Proceedings (Academy of Management Conference)
2013 Best Paper Award (Academy of Management Conference)
2011 Finalist Best Paper Award (Strategic Management Society)
2008 Best Paper Proceedings (TIM Division Academy of Management)
2006 Best Dissertation Award (TIM Academy of Management)
2005 Robert Litschert Best Student Paper Award (BPS Academy of Management)
2003 Arnon Reichers, Best Student Paper Award (Academy of Management)


Strategic Entrepreneurial Journal – Associate Editor (2020–Present)
Academy of Management Journal – Member (2019–Present)
Journal of Management – Member (2019–Present)
Organization Dynamics – Member (2019–Present)
Organization Science – Member (2019–Present)
Advances in Strategic Management – Guest Editor (2017–Present)
Academy of Management Journal – Advisory Board Member (2018)
Organization Dynamics – Advisory Board Member (2018)
Organization Science – Advisory Board Member (2018)
Journal of Management – Advisory Board Member (2017–2018)
Academy of Management Journal – Member (2017)
Journal of management – Member (2017)
Organization Dynamics – Member (2017)
Organization Science – Member (2017)