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Elea Feit, PhD


Associate Dean for Research, Associate Professor



Elea McDonnell Feit is Associate Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean of Research at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business. She has spent most of her career at the boundary between academia and industry working as a research scientist at General Motors R&D, as a methodologist at The Modellers, as the Executive Director of Wharton Customer Analytics and as an economist at Amazon Ads. Her research is inspired by the decision problems that marketers face and most recently she has focused on how marketers can use randomized experiments to measure advertising incrementality to improve ROI of ad campaigns. She has also published research on advertising auctions, conjoint analysis and data fusion. Methodologically, she is Bayesian with expertise in MCMC sampling, hierarchical models, missing data and decision theory. Elea enjoys making marketing analytics accessible and has developed courses in data-driven digital marketing, marketing experiments, and Bayesian and causal inference. She has developed several open-source workshops and online courses for practitioners (available at and is co-author of R for Marketing Research and Analytics, which has been translated to Chinese, Japanese and Korean and adapted to Python.

Areas of Expertise

  • Missing Data
  • Advertising Attribution
  • Product Design
  • Bayesian Hierarchical Models
  • Advertising Incrementality
  • Bayesian Decision Theory
  • Data Fusion
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Choice Modeling

Recent Media Mentions

Selected Works


Berman, Ron, and Feit, Elea M., Latent Stratification for Advertising Experiments. Marketing Science (Jan 2024).

Ada, Sila, Abou Nabout, Nadia, and Feit, Elea M., Context Information Can Increase Revenue in Online Display Ad Auctions: Evidence from a Policy Change. Journal of Marketing Research 59 (Oct 2022).

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Han, Jung Ah, Feit, Elea M., and Srinivasan, Shuba, Negative buzz can increase awareness and purchase intent. Marketing Letters 31 (Nov 2019):89-104.

Feit, Elea M., and Berman, Ron, Test and Roll: Profit-Maximizing A/B Tests. Marketing Science 38 (Nov 2019):913-1084.

Helveston, John, Feit, Elea M., and Michalek, Jeremy, Pooling Revealed and Stated Preferences in the Presence of RP Endogeneity. Transportation Research 109 (Feb 2018):70-89.

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Haaf, Grace, Azevedo, Ines, Morrow, Ross, Feit, Elea M., and Michalek, Jeremy, Forecasting light-duty vehicle demand using alternative-specific constants for endogeneity correction versus calibration. Transportation Research 84 (Feb 2016):182-210.

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Schwartz, Jason, Chapman, Chris, and Feit, Elea M., Python for Marketing Research and Analytics. New York: Springer, (2020).

Chapman, Chris, and Feit, Elea M., R for Marketing Research and Analytics. New York: Springer, (2019).


Papies, Dominik, Ebbes, Peter, and Feit, Elea M., “Endogeneity and Causal Inference in Marketing.” History of Marketing Science, Ed. Russ Wiener and Scott A. Neslin. US: NOW Publishers, (2023): :25.

Feit, Elea M., and Bradlow, Eric T., “Fusion Modeling.” Handbook of Marketing Research, Ed. Homburg, Klarmann and Vomberg. Berlin: Springer, (2019): .

Feit, Elea M., Feinberg, Fred, and Lenk, Peter, “Bayesian Analysis.” Advanced Methods for Modeling Markets, Ed. Leeflang, Wieringa, Bijmolt and Pauwels. New York: Springer, (2017): .

Professional Experience

Corporate-Amazon Senior Economist Seattle WA Oct 2021-Jul 2022
Academic-Wharton Customer Analytics Executive Director Philadelphia PA Mar 2010-Aug 2014
Corporate-The Modellers Vice President & Methodologist Salt Lake City UT May 2009-Feb 2010
Corporate-General Motors Research Engineer Warren MI Feb 1998-Aug 2004


2022 MSI Scholar (Marketing Science Institute )
2022 Editorial Review Board Service Award (Marketing Science)
2021 Top Analytics Educator Award (Digital Analytics Association)
2018 Allen Rothwarf Award for Teaching Excellence (Drexel University)
2017 Data Science Research Award ($25,000) (Adobe)
2017 Best Software Demo Award (American Marketing Association ART Forum)
2016 Excellence in Research Award (LeBow College of Business)
2016 Junior Teaching Award (LeBow College of Business)
2013 4 under 40 Award (American Marketing Association)


Management Science – Associate Editor (2022)
Marketing Science – Member (2021–2022)
International Journal of Research in Marketing – Member (2020–2022)
Journal of Marketing Research – Associate Editor (2020–2022)
Quantitative Marketing and Economics – Associate Editor (2020–2022)
Marketing Science – Guest Associate Editor (2020)
Marketing Science – Member (2017–2019)