Eliezer Fich

Eliezer Fich

Selected Works


Fich, Eliezer M., Rice, Edward, and Tran, Anh, Contractual revisions in compensation: Evidence from merger bonuses to target CEOs. Journal of Accounting and Economics 61 (Apr 2016): 338-368.

Fich, Eliezer M., Harford, Jarrad, and Tran, Anh, Motivated monitors: The importance of institutional investors’ portfolio weights. Journal of Financial Economics 118 (Oct 2015): 21-48.

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PhD Business Administration (with Honors) - New York University 2000


2018 Best Paper Award (Southern Finance Association)
2012 Joseph Neubauer Research Scholar in Finance (Drexel University - LeBow College of Business)
2008-2011 Research Fellow (LeBow College of Business)
2008 Michael Jensen Best Paper Award (2nd Prize) for a Corporate Finance paper published in 2007 (Journal of Financial Economics)
2000 Harold W. MacDowell PhD. graduation award (New York University)

Media Mentions

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A study coauthored by Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business Professor Eliezer Fich and PhD candidate Thomas Griffin investigated how the threat of shareholder litigation affects how firms manage and share information.

The Trump Tax Cut Isn't Trickling Down to Workers

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Eliezer Fich, professor of finance, offered insight into the market demands that were cited as the cause for the new tax bill.

Timing Stock Trades for Personal Gain By CEOs

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ValueWalk reports on research by associate professor of finance Eliezer Fich that looks at how CEOs may stand to gain from large stock sales.

College News

In about one in every four deals, the CEO of an acquired firm is awarded a merger bonus according to a recent study. Also target shareholders received inferior premiums when their firms were sold while their CEOs received a merger bonus.