Jeongsik Lee, PhD

Candid photo of Jeongsik Lee

Areas of Expertise

  • economics of innovation
  • social networks
  • technology management

Selected Works


Balasubramanian, Natarajan, Lee, Jeongsik, and Sivadasan, Jagadeesh, Deadlines, Work Flows, Task Sorting, and Work Quality. Management Science 64 (Apr 2018): 1804-1824.

Kim, Byung-Cheol, Lee, Jeongsik, and Park, Hyunwoo, Two-Sided Platform Competition with Multihoming Agents: An Empirical Study on the Daily Deals Market. Information Economics and Policy 41 (Dec 2017): 36-53.

Jung, Hyun J, and Lee, Jeongsik, The Quest for Originality: A New Typology of Knowledge Search and Breakthrough Inventions. Academy of Management Journal 59 (Oct 2016): 1725-1753.

Lee, Jeongsik, and Stuen, Eric, University Reputation and Technology Commercialization: Evidence from Nanoscale Science. Journal of Technology Transfer 41 (Jun 2016): 586-609.

Kang, Hyunsung, and Lee, Jeongsik, Scientific Celebrity, Competition, and Knowledge Creation: The Case of Stem Cell Research in South Korea. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management 39 (Feb 2016): 26-44.

Park, Hyunwoo, Lee, Jeongsik, and Kim, Byung-Cheol, Project Selection in NIH: A Natural Experiment from ARRA. Research Policy 44 (Jul 2015): 1145-1159.

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Ceccagnoli, Marco, Graham, Stuart, Higgins, Matthew, and Lee, Jeongsik, Productivity and the Role of Complementary Assets in Firms’ Demand for Technological Innovations. Industrial and Corporate Change 19 (Jun 2010): 839-869.

Balasubramanian, Natarajan, and Lee, Jeongsik, Firm Age and Innovation. Industrial and Corporate Change 17 (Oct 2008): 1019-1047.


Lee, Jeongsik, “A Critical Discussion of the Empirical Issues in Employee Mobility Research.” Advances in Strategic Management, Vol. 41, Employee Inter- and Intra-Firm Mobility: Taking Stock of What We Know, Identifying Novel Insights and Setting a Theoretical and Empirical Agenda, UK: Emerald Publishing, (2020):

Lee, Jeongsik, “Bags of Beads or Laces? Combinative Capability and Firm Value in Technological Scope Expansions.” International Finance Review, Volume 20: Disruptive Innovation in Business and Finance in the Digital World, Ed. Choi, J. and Ozkan, B.. UK, USA.: Emerald Publishing, (2019):

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A Pilot Study on Global Technology Commercialization Network Platform (Korea Institute of Science & Technology Information (KISTI)) $55,000 Mar 2013.

Platform Entry Strategy in a Two-Sided Market: Evidence from the Online Daily Deals Promotion Industry (NET Institute) $3,000 Aug 2012.

Societal and Ethical Issues (SEI) Seed Grant (National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network) $19,851 May 2012.


Park, Hyunwoo, and Lee, Jeongsik, An (Almost) Free Lunch? Social Recognition and Knowledge Sharing Behavior in a Virtual Community, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Mar 2015. (Aug 2015):

Jung, Hyun J, and Lee, Jeongsik, The Impact of Mission-Oriented Initiatives on University Research: The Case of Nanotechnology in the U.S., Academy of Management Annual Meeting Aug 2012. (Aug 2012):

Lee, Jeongsik, and Zhang, Wei, Financial Capital and Startup Survival, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Aug 2011. (Aug 2011):

Balasubramanian, Natarajan, and Lee, Jeongsik, Firm Age and Innovation, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Aug 2007. (Aug 2007):


BA Economics - Seoul National University Korea 1987
MBA - Duke University Durham, NC 1999
PhD Management - University of California Los Angeles, CA 2007

Professional Experience

Corporate-The Bank of Korea Deputy Head; Economist; Senior Analyst Seoul Feb 1987 - Aug 2002


2016 Best Conference Paper (OCIS Division) (Academy of Management)
2016 Research Excellence Award (LeBow College of Business, Drexel University )
2013 Core Professor of the Year (M.S. Program) (Georgia Institute of Technology)
2012 Professor of the Year (M.S. Program) (Georgia Institute of Technology)