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Lauren D'Innocenzo, PhD

Associate Professor



Lauren D’Innocenzo is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Provost Solutions Fellow at Drexel LeBow College of Business. Her research focuses on understanding team effectiveness by exploring compositional elements, contextual influences, as well as emergent team dynamics. Using an applied research approach, Lauren has worked with a number of Fortune 500, governmental agencies, and hospitals in a variety of capacities including data-driven research, executive education programs, interventions, executive reporting, and consulting. The current focus of Lauren’s research involves understanding how changes in team composition (membership change, team member development, the alignment between team member capabilities and the team’s tasks, and changes in the accessibility to team member capabilities) impact team processes, team leadership, and team performance. Her research has been published in leading peer-reviewed academic journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Journal of Management. Lauren holds a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut and was recently named Top 40 Under 40 Business Professors by Poets and Quants.

Areas of Expertise

  • Groups/Teams
  • Leadership Development
  • Shared Leadership
  • Multi-Level Modeling
  • Creating Effective Team Processes
  • Developing Team Capabilities
  • Behavioral Science/Org Behavior

Selected Works


Resick, Christian, Lucianetti, Lorenzo, Mawritz, Mary, Choi, Jae Young, Boyer, Stacy, and D’Innocenzo, Lauren, When Focus and Vision Become a Nightmare: Bottom-Line Mentality Climate, Shared Vision, and Unit Unethical Conduct. Journal of Applied Psychology 108 (Nov 2023).

Wolfson, Mikhail, D’Innocenzo, Lauren, and Bell, Suzanne, Dynamic Team Composition: A theoretical framework exploring potential and kinetic dynamism in team capabilities. Journal of Applied Psychology (Nov 2022).

Vaulont, Manuel, Luciano, Margaret, Nahrgang, Jennifer, D’Innocenzo, Lauren, and Lofgren, Carolyn, The Room Where It Happens: The Impact of Core and Non-Core Roles on Surgical Team Performance. Journal of Applied Psychology 106 (Nov 2021):1767-1783.

Sharma, Payal N., D’Innocenzo, Lauren, and Kirkman, Brad, Why Leaders Resist Empowering Virtual Employees. Sloan Management Review (Oct 2021).

D’Innocenzo, Lauren, Kukenberger, M.R., Farro, Andrea, and Griffith, Jennifer, Shared Leadership Performance Relationship Trajectories as a Function of Team Interventions and Members Collective Personalities. The Leadership Quarterly (Oct 2021).

Stein, David, and D’Innocenzo, Lauren, So, you want to be a leader?. Seminars in Colon and Rectal Surgery 32 (Jun 2021).

Mathieu, John E, Luciano, Margaret, D’Innocenzo, Lauren, Klock, Elizabeth, and LePine, Jeffrey, The Development and Construct Validity of a Team Processes Survey Measure. Organizational Research Methods 23 (Jul 2020):399-431.

Kukenberger, M.R., and D’Innocenzo, Lauren, The Building Blocks of Shared Leadership: The Interactive Effects of Diversity Types, Team Climate, and Time. Personnel Psychology (Apr 2020).

Luciano, Margaret, Bartels, Amy, D’Innocenzo, Lauren, Maynard, M. Travis, and Mathieu, John E, Exploring the dark side of shared team experiences: Unpacking the influence of entrained rhythms and task characteristics. Academy of Management Journal 61 (Aug 2018):1403-1430.

D’Innocenzo, Lauren, Mathieu, John E., and Kukenberger, M.R., A Meta-Analysis of Shared Leadership Team Performance Relations. Journal of Management 42 (Nov 2016):1964-1991.

D’Innocenzo, Lauren, Luciano, Margaret, Mathieu, John E., Maynard, M. Travis, and Chen, G, Empowered to Perform: A multi-level investigation of the influence of empowerment on performance in hospital units. Academy of Management Journal 59 (Aug 2016):1290-1307.

Mathieu, John E., Kukenberger, M.R., D’Innocenzo, Lauren, and Reilly, Greg, Modeling reciprocal team cohesion-performance relationships, as impacted by shared leadership and members’ competence. Journal of Applied Psychology 100 (May 2015):713-734.

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Gilson, L.L., Lim, H.S., D’Innocenzo, Lauren, and Moye, N., One Size Does Not Fit All: Managing Radical and Incremental Creativity. Journal of Creative Behavior 46 (Sep 2012):168-191.


D’Innocenzo, Lauren, Risi, Kris, and Suarez-Rodriguez, Raul, “The corporation has established a comprehensive diverse supplier development / capacity-building process.” Billion Dollar Roundtable Best Practices Book 2 , ,: MBN Custom Publishing, (Forthcoming) .

Kukenberger, M.R., D’Innocenzo, Lauren, and Shin, Natalie, “A Social and Functional Perspective of Team Leadership Networks.” Social Networks at Work, Ed. D. J. Brass & S. P. Borgatti. New York: Routledge, (2020): .

Mathieu, John E., D’Innocenzo, Lauren, and Kukenberger, M.R., “Contextual Issues in Project Performance: A Multi-Level Perspective..” The Psychology and Management of Project Teams: An Interdisciplinary View., Ed. F. Chiocchio, E.K. Kelloway, & B. Hobbs. Oxford: Oxford University Press, (2015): :101-136.

Mathieu, John E., Kukenberger, M.R., and D’Innocenzo, Lauren, “Time and Work, Volume 2: How Time Impacts Groups, Organizations and Methodological Choices.” Time and Teams, Ed. A.J. Shipp & Y. Fried . New York: Psychology Press, (2014): :6-26.


PhD Management-University of Connecticut 2014
MS Sport Management-Ithaca College 2007
BA Psychology-Cornell University 2005


Course Hero-Woodrow Wilson Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching (Course Hero-Woodrow Wilson Fellowship) $40,000 Jul 2018.
Understanding Dynamic Team Composition: Exploring Within and Between Team Member Changes (U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Research Triangle Park Division (ACC-APG-RTP Division)) $1,075,917 Feb 2023.


2023 Provost Solutions Fellow (Drexel University)
2023 Best Reviewer Honorable Mention (Group & Organizational Management)
2023 Best Paper Award at NBEA Conference (NBEA Conference)
2022 Provost Solutions Fellow (Drexel University)
2021 Provost Solutions Fellow (Drexel University)
2020 Provost Solutions Fellow (Drexel University)
2018 Course Hero-Woodrow Wilson Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching (Course Hero-Woodrow Wilson)
2018 2019 Best 40 Under 40 Professors (Poets & Quants)
2016 ISL Fellow (Institute for Strategic Leadership)
2016 Finalist, People Analytics Research Competition (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania)
2016 Excellence in Research (Drexel University)
2015 OB Division Best Reviewer Award (Academy of Management)
2015 Excellence in Research (Drexel University)
2014 Health Care Management Division Best Paper Award (Academy of Management)
2014 School of Business Hall of Fame (University of Connecticut )
2013 Business School Ph.D. Teaching Award (University of Connecticut )
2013 Management Department Teaching Award (University of Connecticut )
2013 OB Division, Outstanding Reviewer Award (Academy of Management)
2012 Outstanding Student Scholar Award (University of Connecticut )
2012 Gary N. Powell Outstanding Ph.D. Student Achievement Award (University of Connecticut )
2011 Outstanding Student Scholar Award (University of Connecticut )


Personnel Psychology – Member (2019–Present)
Journal of Organizational Behavior – Member (2017–Present)
Journal of Service Management – Advisory Board Member (2018)