Michaela Draganska

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Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing Analytics and Big Data
  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Technology and Innovation

Selected Works


Draganska, Michaela, HARTMANN, WESLEY, and Stanglein, Gena, Internet vs. TV advertising: A Brand-Building Comparison. Journal of Marketing Research (Oct 2014):

Draganska, Michaela, and Klapper, Daniel, Choice Set Heterogeneity and the Role of Advertising: An Analysis with Micro and Macro Data. Journal of Marketing Research 48 (Aug 2011): 653-669.

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Draganska, Michaela, Clark, Robert, and Doraszelski, Ulrich, The Effect of Advertising on Brand Awareness and Perceived Quality: An Empirical Investigation Using Panel Data. Quantitative Marketing and Economics 7 (Jun 2009): 207-236.

Draganska, Michaela, Mazzeo, Michael, and Seim, Katja, Beyond Plain Vanilla: Modeling Joint Product Assortment and Pricing Decisions. Quantitative Marketing and Economics 7 (Jun 2009): 105-146.

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BA Marketing, Statistics - Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin 1996
PhD Marketing - Northwestern University 2001

Professional Experience

Academic-Stanford Graduate School of Business Assistant Professor of Marketing Jul 2001 - Aug 2005
Academic-Stanford Graduate School of Business Associate Professor of Marketing Sep 2005 - Jun 2011
Academic-Wharton School Marketing Lecturer Jul 2011 - Jun 2013

College News

Recent research at Drexel LeBow shows that Internet advertising works just as well as TV commercials in building company brands.

Thirteen new scholars and teachers are joining LeBow College of Business this year.

These top scholars and teachers join us in sustaining the quality of a LeBow College of Business education, while strengthening our contributions to the creation of new knowledge,” says Frank Linnehan, Ph.D, interim dean. “We are excited to welcome them to our family.”