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Michaela Draganska, PhD

Associate Professor


Headshot of Michaela Draganska

Gerri C. LeBow Hall 827

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Marketing Analytics and Big Data
  • Marketing

Selected Works


Draganska, Michaela, and Vitorino, Maria Ana, Decomposing the effect of advertising: What happens in the retail channel?. International Journal of Research in Marketing (Forthcoming).

Draganska, Michaela, HARTMANN, WESLEY, and Stanglein, Gena, Internet vs. TV advertising: A Brand-Building Comparison. Journal of Marketing Research (Oct 2014).

Draganska, Michaela, and Klapper, Daniel, Choice Set Heterogeneity and the Role of Advertising: An Analysis with Micro and Macro Data. Journal of Marketing Research 48 (Aug 2011):653-669.

Draganska, Michaela, Ailawadi, Kusum L., Bradlow, Eric T., Nijs, Vincent, Rooderkerk, Robert P., Sudhir, K., Wilbur, Kenneth C., and Zhang, Jie, Empirical Models of Manufacture-Retailer Interaction: A Review and Agenda for Future Research. Marketing Letters 21 (Sep 2010):273-285.

Draganska, Michaela, Klapper, Daniel, and Villas-Boas, Sofia, A Larger Slice or a Larger Pie? An Empirical Investigation of Bargaining Power in the Distribution Channel. Marketing Science 29 (Jan 2010):57-74.

Draganska, Michaela, Clark, Robert, and Doraszelski, Ulrich, The Effect of Advertising on Brand Awareness and Perceived Quality: An Empirical Investigation Using Panel Data. Quantitative Marketing and Economics 7 (Jun 2009):207-236.

Draganska, Michaela, Mazzeo, Michael, and Seim, Katja, Beyond Plain Vanilla: Modeling Joint Product Assortment and Pricing Decisions. Quantitative Marketing and Economics 7 (Jun 2009):105-146.

Draganska, Michaela, Misra, Sanjog, Aguirregabiria, Victor, Bajari, Pat, Einav, Liran, Ellickson, Paul, Horsky, Dan, Narayanan, Sridhar, Orhun, Yesim, Reiss, Peter, Seim, Katja, Singh, Vishal, Thomadsen, Raphael, and Zhu, Ting, Discrete Choice Models of Firms’ Strategic Decisions. Marketing Letters 19 (Dec 2008):399-416.

Draganska, Michaela, Berger, Jonah, and Simonson, Itamar, The Influence of Variety on Brand Perceptions, Choice, and Experience. Marketing Science 26 (Jul 2007):460-472.

Draganska, Michaela, and Klapper, Daniel, Retail Environment and Manufacturer Competitive Intensity. Journal of Retailing 83 (Apr 2007):183-198.

Draganska, Michaela, and Jain, Dipak, Consumer Preferences and Product-line Pricing Strategies: An Empirical Analysis. Marketing Science 25 (Mar 2006):164-174.

Draganska, Michaela, and Doraszelski, Ulrich, Market Segmentation Strategies of Multiproduct Firms. The Journal of Industrial Economics 54 (Mar 2006):125-149.

Draganska, Michaela, DUBE, JEAN-PIERRE, Sudhir, K., CHING, ANDREW, CRAWFORD, GREGORY S., FOX, JEREMY T., HARTMANN, WESLEY, HITSCH, GUNTER J., VIARD, V. BRIAN, VILLAS-BOAS, MIGUEL, and VILCASSIM, NAUFEL, Recent Advances in Structural Econometrics Modeling: Dynamics, Product Positioning and Entry. Marketing Letters 16 (Dec 2005):209-224.

Draganska, Michaela, and Jain, Dipak, Product‐Line Length as a Competitive Tool. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 14 (Mar 2005):1-28.

Draganska, Michaela, and Jain, Dipak, A Likelihood Approach to Estimating Market Equilibrium Models. Management Science 50 (May 2004):605-616.


PhD Marketing - Northwestern University 2001
BA Marketing, Statistics - Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin 1996

Professional Experience

Academic - Wharton School Marketing Lecturer Jul 2011-Jun 2013
Academic - Stanford Graduate School of Business Associate Professor of Marketing Sep 2005-Jun 2011
Academic - Stanford Graduate School of Business Assistant Professor of Marketing Jul 2001-Aug 2005


Journal of Marketing – Member (2019–2021)
Marketing Science – Member (2019–2021)
Journal of Marketing Research – Member (2019–2020)
Journal of Marketing – Member (2017–2018)
Journal of Marketing Research – Member (2017–2018)
Marketing Science – Member (2017–2018)