Michelle Lowry, PhD

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Selected Works


Lowry, Michelle, Does common ownership really increase firm coordination?. Journal of Financial Economics 141 (Jul 2021): 322-344.

Lowry, Michelle, Michaely, Roni, and Volkova, Ekatarina, Information revelation through regulatory process: Interactions between the SEC and companies ahead of the IPO. Review of Financial Studies 33 (Dec 2020): 5510-5554.

Lowry, Michelle, Kwon, Sungjoung, and Qian, Yiming, Mutual fund investments in private firms. Journal of Financial Economics 136 (May 2020): 407-443.

Lowry, Michelle, and Iliev, Peter, Venturing beyond the IPO: financing in newly public firms by pre-IPO investors. Journal of Finance 75 (Feb 2020): 1527-1577.

Lowry, Michelle, The information advantage of underwriters in IPOs. Management Science 65 (Dec 2019): 5449-5956.

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Lowry, Michelle, Are all perks solely perks? evidence from corporate jets. Journal of Corporate Finance (Feb 2018):

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Lowry, Michelle, Are Mutual Funds Active Voters. Review of Financial Studies (Sep 2014):

Lowry, Michelle, Are Busy Directors Detrimental?. Journal of Financial Economics (Jul 2013):

Lowry, Michelle, When do banks listen to their analysts? Evidence from mergers and acquisitions. Review of Financial Studies (Jun 2011):

Editorial Board Service

Financial Review – Advisory Board Member (2020–Present)
Journal of Financial Economics – Associate Editor (2019–Present)
Journal of Financial Economics – Associate Editor (2018)
Journal of Financial Economics – Associate Editor (2017)


BA Economics, Public Policy - Duke University 1992
PhD Business - University of Rochester 2000

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