Murugan Anandarajan

Murugan Anandarajan

Murugan Anandarajan, Ph.D., is Professor of Management Information Systems and Department Head of Decision Sciences and MIS at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business. His current research is in the area of cybercrime, where he utilizes machine learning techniques to build predictive models. His work has been published in journals such as Decision Sciences, Journal of MIS, and Journal of International Business Studies. He has received research grants from the NSF, NIJ, and DOJ, among others.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cyber Crime
  • Strategic Management of Information Technology
  • Unstructured Data Mining

Selected Works


Gozu, Cuneyt, Anandarajan, Murugan, and Simmers, C.A, Work–family role integration and personal well-being: The moderating effect of attitudes towards personal web usage. Computers and Human Behavior 52 (Nov 2015): 159-167.

Anandarajan, Murugan, D’Ovidio, Rob, and Jenkins, Alex, Safeguarding Consumers Against Identity-Related Fraud: Examining Data Breach Notification Legislation through the Lens of Routine Activities Theory. International Data Privacy Law 3 (Winter 2013): 51-60.

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Drexel University ITCU Proposal (State of Pennsylvania Link-to-Learn Program) $218,317 Jun 2001.

Innovations in Business Intelligence: Drexel University’s Partnership between Academia, Industry and the City of Philadelphia (National Science Foundation) $599,128 May 2002.

Business Strategy Formulation: Plug-and-Play Materials (SAP America) $50,000 Jun 2002.

Living Enterprise: Adaptive Supply/Chain Management (SAP America) $50,000 Jun 2002.

Drexel University iGRAD Proposal (State of Pennsylvania) $100,500 Feb 2001.

Information Technology Workforce Development Proposal (State of Pennsylvania Link-to-Learn Program) $206,000 Feb 2000.

M-Commerce Curriculum (SAP America) $50,000 Jun 2001.

Developing an SAP R/3-based Curriculum (SAP America) $100,000 Jun 1998.

Research Grant (Lockheed Martin) $50,000 Jun 1999.

Research Grant (Bristol Meyers Squibb) $30,000 Oct 1999.

Curriculum Grant (Anderson Consulting) $40,000 Nov 1999.

Curriculum Grant (CSC Consulting) $50,000 Oct 1998.

Cyber Crime and Computer Forensics Research (United States Department of Justice) $500,000 Dec 2009.

Cyber Crime and Computer Forensics Research (National Institute of Justice) $223,250 Mar 2008.

Cyber Crime and Forensics Institute Expansion of Services (United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice) $500,000 Jan 2010.

Presented Research

Schlanger, Irv, D’Ovidio, Rob, and Anandarajan, Murugan, Who’s Watching the Net: The Risk of Victimization with Public Access WiFi, Department of Defence, 2010 Cyber Crime Conference: St. Louis, MN, (Jan 2010):

Zaman, Maliha, Anandarajan, Murugan, and Simmers, C.A, Making Research Practices Green: Applying Ethical Framework And Web 2.0, Decision Sciences Institute: New Orleans, LA, (Nov 2009):


PhD - Drexel University 1996


2008-2009 Runner-up for best paper (Academy of Management Conference)
2004-2004 Research Award (Drexel University, LeBow College of Business)
2003-2003 Research Award (LeBow College of Business)
2001-2001 Winner, Best Interactive Paper (Academy of Management Conference)
1999-1999 Horner Prize for Best Application Paper (Northeast DSI)
1996-1996 Runner-up for best paper (Northeast DSI)

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