Orakwue Arinze, PhD

Orakwue B.Arinze

Selected Works


Anandarajan, Murugan, Paravastu, Narasimha, Arinze, Orakwue B., and D’Ovidio, Rob, ONLINE IDENTITY THEFT: A LONGITUDINAL STUDY OF INDIVIDUAL THREAT-RESPONSE AND COPING BEHAVIORS. Journal of Information Systems Security 8 (Oct 2012): 43-69.

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Presented Research

Arinze, Orakwue B., Ndubizu, Gordian, and Sylla, C., Forecasting the Impact Of Self-Driving Vehicles…, North East DSI: Virginia, MD, (Apr 2016):


Arinze, Orakwue B., Darter, M, and Eder, L, Factors Associated with Intranet Diffusion among Organizations in the United States, Decision Sciences Institute, National Meeting Nov 00-1. (Nov 1998):

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Anandarajan, Murugan, and Arinze, Orakwue B., Matching Client/Server Processing Architectures with Information Processing Requirements: A Contingency Mode, Decision Sciences Institute Northeast Region Nov 00-1. (Mar 1998):


BS - University of Lagos 1982
MS - London School of Economics 1983
PhD - London School of Economics 1987