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Patricia Robak, PhD

Clinical Professor


Headshot of Patricia Robak

Selected Works

Presented Research

Robak, Patricia J., and Knoppel, Michel, Coke vs. Pepsi: Using Debate Techniques in a Global Classroom, International Virtual Exchange Conference:: Tacoma, WA, (Oct 2019):

Robak, Patricia J., Surfing You-Tube for Increasing Marginal Returns on Student Engagement in Introductory Microeconomics Sarah Burke,, Conference on Teaching and Research in Economic Education: St. Louis, MO, (May 2019):

Robak, Patricia J., Stumph, Carolyn F, and Burke, Sarah M, You Ought to be in Pictures: The Use of Movie C…, Eastern Economics Association: New York, NY, (Feb 2017):

Robak, Patricia J., Classroom Polar Vortex: Using Threaded Discuss…, 2015 Teaching and Learning Strategies: Villanova, PA, (May 2015):

Robak, Patricia J., Teaching is Scholarship: The Impact of Using Peer Instruction in a Hybrid Course, 2012 Online Learning Academy: Washington, DC, (Jun 2012):

Robak, Patricia J., Mutual Fund Money Flow: The Ignored Critical Variable, (Apr 2006):

Robak, Patricia J., and Robak, Nicholas J., The Demise of Silicon Graphics Explicated By A Structural Functionalist, The International Applied Business Research Conference: San Juan, PR,


Robak, Patricia J., Burke, Sarah M, and Stumph, Carolyn F, Beyond Buttered Popcorn: A Project Using Movies to Teach Game Theory in Introductory Economics. Journal of Economics Teaching 3 (May 2018): 153-161.

Robak, Patricia J., The Demise of Silicon Graphics Explicated By A Structural Functionalist. Journal of Business Case Studies 4 (Aug 2008): 51-56.

Robak, Patricia J., Classroom Polar Vortex: Using Threaded Discussions to Manage Mother Nature’s Insistent Behavior. Advances in Financial Education (Winter 2017):

Robak, Patricia J., Financing Technology and Innovation. Wiley Encyclopedia of Technology and Innovation Ma (Forthcoming)


Robak, Patricia J., “Financing Technology.” Technology and Innovation Management Encyclopedia , New Jersey: Blackwell , (Forthcoming)


BA Economics - Villanova University Villanova, PA 1994
PhD - Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA USA 1998