Rajiv Nag

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Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational Knowledge and Identity
  • Social Processes of Innovation and Strategic Change
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Strategic Performativity

Selected Works


Nag, Rajiv, Neville, Francois, and Dimotakis, Nikolaos, CEO Scanning Behaviors, Self-Efficacy, and SME Innovation and Performance: An Examination Within a Declining Industry. Journal of Small Business Management (Forthcoming)

Ghosh, Abhijit, and Nag, Rajiv, Social Capital-A Dynamic View. Journal of Management Policy & Practice 20 (Apr 2019): 26-41.

Russo, Angeloantonio, Vurro, Clodia, and Nag, Rajiv, To have or to be? The interplay between knowledge structure and market identity in knowledge-based alliance formation. Research Policy 48 (Jan 2019): 571-583.

Choo, Adrian S., Nag, Rajiv, and Xia, Yusen, The role of executive problem solving in knowledge accumulation and manufacturing improvements. Journal of Operations Management 36 (May 2015): 63-74.

Gioia, Dennis A., Nag, Rajiv, and Corley, Kevin G., Visionary ambiguity and strategic change: The virtue of vagueness in launching major organizational change. Journal of Management Inquiry 21 (Sep 2012): 364-375.

Nag, Rajiv, and Gioia, Dennis A., From common to uncommon knowledge: Foundations of firm-specific use of knowledge as a resource. Academy of Management Journal 55 (Apr 2012): 421-457.

Nag, Rajiv, Hambrick, Donald C., and Chen, Ming-Jer, What is strategic management, really? Inductive derivation of a consensus definition of the field. Strategic Management Journal 28 (Sep 2007): 935-955.

Nag, Rajiv, Corley, Kevin G., and Gioia, Dennis A., The intersection of organizational identity, knowledge, and practice: Attempting strategic change via knowledge grafting. Academy of Management Journal 50 (Aug 2007): 821-847.


Corley, Kevin G., Gioia, Dennis A., and Nag, Rajiv, “Subtle learning and organizational identity as enablers of strategic change.” Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management, Ed. M. Easterby-Smith & M. Lyles. London: Blackwell, (2011): 349-365.

Nag, Rajiv, Corley, Kevin G., and Gioia, Dennis A., “Innovation tensions: Chaos, structure, and managed chaos.” The International Handbook on Innovation, Ed. Shavinina, L.. Netherlands: Elsevier, (2003): 607-618.

Editorial Board Service

Member – Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management (2017)
Member – Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management (2018)


MBA - Management Development Institute India 1996
PhD Management - Pennsylvania State University USA 2006


2011 Best Conference Paper Nomination (Strategic Management Society)
2007 Best Dissertation Finalist (Business Policy and Strategy Division, Academy of Management)