Rajiv Nag

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Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational Knowledge and Identity
  • Social Processes of Innovation and Strategic Change
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Strategic Performativity

Selected Works


Choo, Adrian S., Nag, Rajiv, and Xia, Yusen, The role of executive problem solving in knowledge accumulation and manufacturing improvements. Journal of Operations Management 36 (May 2015): 63-74.

Gioia, Dennis A., Nag, Rajiv, and Corley, Kevin G., Visionary ambiguity and strategic change: The virtue of vagueness in launching major organizational change. Journal of Management Inquiry 21 (Sep 2012): 364-375.

Nag, Rajiv, and Gioia, Dennis A., From common to uncommon knowledge: Foundations of firm-specific use of knowledge as a resource. Academy of Management Journal 55 (Apr 2012): 421-457.

Nag, Rajiv, Hambrick, Donald C., and Chen, Ming-Jer, What is strategic management, really? Inductive derivation of a consensus definition of the field. Strategic Management Journal 28 (Sep 2007): 935-955.

Nag, Rajiv, Corley, Kevin G., and Gioia, Dennis A., The intersection of organizational identity, knowledge, and practice: Attempting strategic change via knowledge grafting. Academy of Management Journal 50 (Aug 2007): 821-847.


Nag, Rajiv, Corley, Kevin G., and Gioia, Dennis A., “Innovation tensions: Chaos, structure, and managed chaos.” The International Handbook on Innovation, Ed. Shavinina, L.. Netherlands: Elsevier, (2003): 607-618.


MBA - Management Development Institute India 1996
PhD Management - Pennsylvania State University USA 2006


2011 Best Conference Paper Nomination (Strategic Management Society)
2007 Best Dissertation Finalist (Business Policy and Strategy Division, Academy of Management)