Roger McCain, PhD

Roger McCain

Areas of Expertise

  • Computational Economics
  • Game Theory

Selected Works


McCain, Roger, Worker and Community Cooperatives: A Multiple-Criterion Model. Advances in the Economics of Participatory and Labor-Managed Firms (Year 2010):

McCain, Roger, Commitment and Weakness of Will in Game Theory and Neoclassical Economics. Journal of Socio-Economics 2009 (Jan 2009):

McCain, Roger, Cooperation and Effort, Reciprocity and Mutual Supervision in Worker Cooperatives. Advances in the Economics of Participatory and Labor-Managed Firms (Feb 2007):

Lester, Bijou Y., and McCain, Roger, An Equity-Based Redefinition of Underemployment and Unemployment and Some Measurements. Review of Social Economy (Jun 2001):


McCain, Roger, Comparing Fairness: Relative Criteria of Economic Fairness with Applications. London: Elgar, (2021):

McCain, Roger, Welfare Economics: An Interpretive History. Abington UK: Routledge, (2019):

McCain, Roger, Value Solutions in Cooperative Games. Singapore: World Scientific, (2013):

McCain, Roger, Game Theory: A Nontechnical Introduction to the Analysis of Strategy, revised edition. Singapore: World Scientific, (2010):

McCain, Roger, Game Theory and Public Policy. Cheltenham, UK: Elgar, (2009):

McCain, Roger, Agent-Based Computer Simulation of Dichotomous Economic Growth. (2000):

McCain, Roger, A Framework for Cognitive Economics. (1992):


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McCain, Roger, “Rationality in Economics: Alternative Perspectives.” Defeasible Rationality, Ed. Kenneth Dennis. (1998):

Presented Research

McCain, Roger, Interregional Inequality, Efficiency, and Relative Fairness, WEAI: Denver (via Zoom), Co, (Jun 2020):


McCain Roger Tatty, (Sep 2008):


BS Mathematics - Louisiana State University 1964
MS Economics - Louisiana State University 1966
PhD Economics - Louisiana State University 1971