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Sebastien Bradley, PhD

Associate Professor


Headshot of Sebastien Bradley

Gerri C. LeBow Hall 1023

Selected Works


Bradley, Sebastien, Robinson, Leslie A., and Ruf, Martin, The Impact of IP Box Regimes on the M&A Market. Journal of Accounting and Economics 72 (Nov 2021):

Bradley, Sebastien, and Feldman, Naomi E., Hidden Baggage: Behavioral Responses to Changes in Airline Ticket Tax Disclosure. American Economic Journal - Economic Policy 12 (Nov 2020): 58-87.

Bradley, Sebastien, Assessment Limits and Timing of Real Estate Transactions. Regional Science & Urban Economics (May 2018):

Bradley, Sebastien, Dauchy, Estelle, and Hasegawa, Makoto, Investor Valuations of Japan’s Adoption of a Territorial Tax Regime: Quantifying the Direct and Competitive Effects of International Tax Reform. International Tax and Public Finance (Year 2018):

Bradley, Sebastien, Inattention to Deferred Increases in Tax Bases: How Michigan Homebuyers are Paying for Assessment Limits. The Review of Economics and Statistics 99 (Mar 2017): 53-66.

Bradley, Sebastien, Dauchy, Estelle, and Robinson, Leslie A., Cross-Country Evidence on the Preliminary Effects of Patent Box Regimes on Patent Activity and Ownership. National Tax Journal 68 (Dec 2015): 1047-1072.


BA Economics and Biology - Williams College Williamstown, MA 2002
MA Economics - University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 2007
PhD Economics - University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 2011