Srinivasan Swaminathan, PhD

Candid photo of Srinivasan Swaminathan

Srinivasan Swaminathan obtained his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests are in the areas of Marketing Strategy and Sales Promotions. His research has appeared in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Advertising Research and MIT Sloan Management Review. He has made more than forty presentations at national conferences (AMA, ACR, AIB, and AMS) and his papers have won best track paper awards in the AMA and AIB conferences. You can see his research publications at

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Promotions

Selected Works


Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Anderson, Rolph E., and Lei, Song, Building Loyalty in the E-Commerce: Impact of Business and Customer Characteristics. Journal of Marketing Channels (Forthcoming)

Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Ad Ratings When a Marketer Runs Two Commercial Messages in One Television Program Episode. Journal of Marketing Communications (Forthcoming)

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Presented Research

Li, Chen, Kim, Junhee, Duke, Lawrence K., and Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Variety Seeking and Loyalty Points Redemption Behavior, Academy of Marketing Science: Coral Gables, FL,

Li, Chen, Kim, Junhee, Duke, Lawrence K., and Swaminathan, Srinivasan, The Impact of Customers Variety-Seeking Tendencies on Loyalty Points Redemption, American Marketing Association Educators’ Conference: San Diego, CA,

Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Patnaik, Sandeep, and Nag, Rajiv, Marketing Doctrine in Public Sector Undertakings in an Emerging Market, AMA Summer Academic Conference: Chicago, IL,

Swaminathan, Srinivasan, and Aggarwal, Anubhav, Customer Relationship Management: Should Absence of Attitudinal Data Prevent Designing Effective Consumer Promotions, American Marketing Association: Winter Educators’ Conference 2015: San Antonio, TX, (Feb 2015):

Lei, Song, Anderson, Rolph E., and Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Decoding B2C E-Commerce: The Invisible Hand of Natiional Culture, The Association of Consumer Research: Vancouver, Canada, (Aug 2012):

Ramani, Girish, Saparito, Patrick, and Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Relational Trust and Firm Performance, Academy of Marketing Science: Portland, OR, (May 2010):

Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Till, Brian, and Long-Tolbert, Sylvia, Product Attribute Evaluations: Role of Consumer Experience and Halo Effects, ACR: San Antonio, TX, (Sep 2005):


Song, Lei, Swaminathan, Srinivasan, and Anderson, Rolph E., Occurrence of Mixed Emotions in E-Commerce: A Cross National Examination, American Marketing Associaion Educators’ Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada (2013) Nov 2012.

Srivastava, Prashant, Swaminathan, Srinivasan, and Frankwick, Gary L., Radical Innovation, Technological Orientation, and New Product Development Performance, Academy of Marketing Science Mar 2014. (May 2014):

Song, Lei, Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Anderson, Rolph E., and Suri, Rajneesh, Satisfaction Toward Online Services in China and the US: The Impact of Confusian Versus Aristotelian Views, American Marketing Association Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference, Orlando, FL Feb 2014. (Feb 2014):

Song, Lei, Anderson, Rolph E., and Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Performance Discrepancy and Customer Outcomes in E-Markets: Impact of National Culture, American Marketing Association, Las Vegas Feb 2013. (Feb 2013):

Yim, Frederick Hong-kit, Swaminathan, Srinivasan, and Anderson, Rolph E., Psychological Empowerment: Impact on Salespeople and Customers,, Academy of Marketing Science, New Orleans Mar 2012. (Mar 2012):

Haak, Thijs Van Den, and Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Satisfaction and Loyalty in E-Commerce: The Moderating Role of Nationality, Academy of Marketing Science, New Orleans Mar 2012. (Mar 2012):


BE Chemical Engineering - Annamalai University, India 1979
MBA Masters in Business Administration - Xavier Labor Relations Institute 1981
PhD Business Administration - The University of Texas at Austin 1994