Susan Rinaldi

Candid photo of Susan Rinaldi

Sue joined LeBow in November 2006 following 7 years at Aon where she served as senior designer in corporate communications. She earned her Bachelors in Art/Liberal Arts from Millersville University. Sue leads the creative design process and oversees scheduling and production of LeBow’s visual brand in marketing and advertising, publications, print and digital communications, and the web site.

Job Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain that design standards are met in all print and digital communications ensuring consistent visual brand messaging for the College
  • Support of all marketing and advertising efforts providing concepts, design, production and preparation of materials for vendors
  • Offer creative design solutions to help determine the most effective deliverables within budgets and the time frames established
  • Oversee the scheduling and art direction of photo shoots
  • Administrator of Workamajig project management system