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Tony Grangel

Assistant Director

Undergraduate Advising

Headshot of Anthony Grangel

Gerri C. LeBow Hall 321


Tony joined LeBow College as an undergraduate academic advisor in 2001. He earned his BA and MA degrees from Villanova University in Political Science, and his Teacher Certification for Secondary Social Studies from Penn State University. After working in politics, business, and teaching, Tony began his career in higher education, supporting students with the University of Phoenix and then with Drexel University. His experience has made him a specialist in advising students of all majors with LeBow College, especially those majoring in Business & Engineering and Economics, unique programs to LeBow. His accomplishments with LeBow College have included coordinating New Student Orientations, developing plans of study for all business degrees, serving on curriculum committees with faculty, and representing LeBow College at regional conferences of academic professionals. Tony excels in helping students change their major to the subject that will best fulfil their career and personal goals, and he is greatly honored to have advised many students towards earning their bachelor’s degree from LeBow College of Business.

Job Responsibilities

  • Advise students in all undergraduate LeBow majors, with expertise in Economics and Business and Engineering, to insure they maintain their academic progress towards earning their bachelors degree
  • Clear for graduation seniors majoring in Economics and Business and Engineering
  • Advise freshmen majoring in Economics and Business and Engineering as they progress through their first year plan of study.
  • Teach UNIV-B101/The Drexel Experience to Economics and Business and Engineering freshmen
  • Advocate for students on issues pertaining to University policy and curriculum completion
  • Liaison with the faculty of the School of Economics and Business and Engineering program to offer input on course offerings, curriculum options, and other student-related issues
  • Serve on Economics Curriculum Committee and LeBow College Academic Programs Committee
  • Present on LeBow undergraduate academic programs to potential students at Open Houses, in small group sessions, and to other interested stakeholders



  • Students with a last name starting with C and La-Lh in the following degree programs:
    • BSBA - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (All Majors)
    • BS - Behavioral Economics, Business, and Organizations
    • BAECON - Economic Analysis and BSECON - Economics
    • BS - Economics and Business
    • BS - Economics and Mathematics
    • BS - Economics and Public Health
  • LeBow Minors for all students with a last name starting with C and La-Lh
  • Students with a last name starting with K-Z in BSECDS - Economics and Data Science
  • Students with a last name starting with A-L in BSBAE - Business and Engineering