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Tristan Potter, PhD

Assistant Professor


Selected Works


Potter, Tristan, and Bernhardt, Dan, Wage Offers and On-the-job Search. Canadian Journal of Economics (May 2022):

Potter, Tristan, The Discouragement Rate: An Index of Discouragement-Induced Hardship. Applied Economics Letters (Sep 2021):

Potter, Tristan, Learning and Job Search Dynamics during the Great Recession. Journal of Monetary Economics (Jan 2021):

Potter, Tristan, Chahrour, Ryan, and Chugh, Sanjay, Anticipated Productivity and the Labor Market. Quantitative Economics (Forthcoming)

Bond, Eric W., Crucini, Mario, Potter, Tristan, and Rodrigue, Joel, Misallocation and Productivity Effects of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. Review of Economic Dynamics (Jan 2013):


BA Mathematics, Economics - Vanderbilt University 2010
PhD Economics - Boston College 2016


2019 Portz Interdisciplinary Fellowship Award (National Collegiate Honors Council)